Tigers will regret Fielder signing ….

Not surprised at the reaction to Detroit signing Prince Fielder, giving them a formidable pair of sluggers when teamed with Miguel Cabrera. All that power; all those home runs will make the Tigers the team to beat.

Yeah, and I remember all those World Series the Yankees would win after signing Randy Johnson, Jason Giambi and Alex Rodriguez. At last count, the Yankees won only one Series with Rodriguez and none with the other two.

The Tigers are the latest team to be seduced by agent Scott Boras.

Detroit said it would move Cabrera to third base, which he prefers, but in truth he’s a defensive liability at third and if his mind were clear about it, he’s best suited to be a designated hitter. Fact is, so is Fielder.

All this makes me wonder what the over/under is on the number of years it will be before the Tigers regret signing Fielder for the princely sum of $214 million over the next nine years. I’m guessing four years.

His body type suggests he’s susceptible to getting out of shape or breaking down physically. I don’t know enough about Fielder’s emotional make-up to say he won’t work hard to stay in shape, but history dictates he could get complacent and possibly break down. It also dictates, and strongly, that the deeper the Tigers get into this contract the more the money will become a burden.

Look at the scorecard: Alex Rodriguez with the Rangers and Yankees; Manny Ramirez with Boston; Ryan Howard with the Phillies; Jayson Werth with Washington; Carlos Beltran with the Mets; Barry Zito with San Francisco; and Giambi with the Yankees.

There are dozens more.

Whether it be the money, lack of production, injuries, testing positive for steroids, or in Ramirez’s case, being a boor and quitting on his team, every one of those teams wished they could dump the contract.

The Tigers are going for it this year. They’d better make it because this won’t be a happy marriage.

2 thoughts on “Tigers will regret Fielder signing ….

  1. He is durable, having missed just 13 games in the last 6 years. If he is like his father he will cease being a top hitter when he is 32 and finished when he is 34 (right now he is 27). But I don’t think that fat players last very long unless you are a pitcher like David Wells.

    I think highly of Mike Illitch as owner of the Detroit Red Wings. They could be the best run organization in all North American sports, except for maybe the New England Patriots (and the Red Wings have been doing it for a lot longer). But their success has been drafting value in later rounds in unknown markets (Europe) with players like Lindstrom and Zetterberg. If I were paying that kind of money, I’d do it in a key defensive position like shortstop or center field.

  2. You pay top dollar for the top players. Cecil is a hitter. At some point he is DH only and it is a rich contact.

    Also he is not playing in NY.

    I wish him well. I agree that the team will regret its signing at some point. If he can still hit in 4 years they can always trade him. We were able to trade Carlos for a good player in his last year.