Santana talking 2012 … we’ve heard this before.

Johan Santana said he’s hopeful about returning by Opening Day, which, if it happens, would be welcome news for this free-falling franchise. Who is holding their breath on this one?

When it comes to injuries for this team, whether it comes from player or management, it is best to disregard any statement from Flushing. When it comes to Santana, return and throwing dates have already been pushed back several times.

Santana’s shoulder injury was extremely serious, with long odds against a healthy return. I’d love to see Santana pitch like an ace again, but have resigned myself to doing so by watching classic video.

When it comes to Santana’s return, I’ll believe it when I see it.


3 thoughts on “Santana talking 2012 … we’ve heard this before.

  1. Can you imagine how much stress this crappy rotation will put on the bullpen (somewhat improved though it may be)? Mike “Innings Eater” Pelfrey averaged under 6 innings per start last year, as did Dillon Gee; Niese’s average was about 6; and Johan Santana is coming off a serious injury, so he’ll probably not go deep into many games. Only R. A. Dickey did well at around 6.5 innings per game. And only Dickey was over average for ERA+.

  2. I had read earlier this year that Santana said he will have to see how Spring training develops to make a prediction on his availability.

  3. Steve(1)

    I agree. A huge issue with this team is having a roster of relief pitchers masquerading as starters.

    Call me old fashioned, but if you can’t make it out of the 6th on a consistent basis you are not a starter.