F-Mart decision puzzling.

The Mets could be hours away of losing Fernando Martinez on waivers, the decision made to place Scott Hairston on the 40-man roster. After all this time of choosing not to deal Martinez under the guise of protecting their youth, the Mets are poised to lose him so they could keep a journeyman outfielder.

The Mets opted not to rush Martinez to the majors because they wanted him to learn and get at-bats in the minors, which made sense according to conventional thinking.

Of course, the Mets are anything but conventional.

Martinez has not proven he could stay healthy, but if the option was losing him over keeping Hairston, I would have kept him this spring as a fourth outfielder to see if there was any chance of him developing.

After all, he is only 23, and history has seen plenty of late bloomers.

As it is, Martinez is sure to get claimed. As for Hairston, who wouldn’t be surprised to see him dealt to a contender at the trade deadline. And, if not, for sure we won’t see him next season.

This just makes no sense.


6 thoughts on “F-Mart decision puzzling.

  1. Yes. I read something the other day where FMart was likely to be shown the door. It means that in the organizations perspective FMart is not valuable.

    I remember saying we should keep this guy years ago instead of trading him. But it is years later and he has never actually played a whole season. More alarmingly his knees are reportedly shot. Because he doesn’t play he is very inexperienced.

    I too am somewhat surprised that they would release him for a nothing bench player. But that is not my decision and in the end nothing to get worked up about. I have resigned myself to the reality that FMart is nothing.

    Also there is a player we got back for KRod. So in the next week we lose our former future Met star and the replacement for our former closer extraordinaire for two journeymen players.

    We still have Neuwenhuis and some other OF’s lower down in the minors as MLB fodder when we have injuries. The question is how is Neuwenhuis’s shoulder?

  2. More important for this over the hill Gm to dump one of Omar’s failures than to admit his own and cut the awesome multi year signee DJ Carrasco. Alderson’s ego is gigantic. His success as a GM in the roidal testing era is horrid.

  3. FMart is an Astro.

    I do not know if FMart will have a career. He is young but has never been healthy. As I said above I don’t care much anymore.

    If you look at his prospect ranking in the Mets organization it is not good.

  4. I agree John, why is a guy like Mike Nickeas, who has virtually zero upside and would likely not be claimed anyway, protected on roster over FMart?

    I realize Nickeas is slated to be the backup catcher this season, but even if he was claimed he could be easily replaced.

    At least with FMart, there is still some potential upside.

  5. I read the other day where our payroll for the team is $90M. A drop of 37% from last year. So the GM has done his job of gutting the team while not degrading the performance such as it is.

    Also the news of the morning is our fearless leader said that he is not selling the team.

    Happy 13th!