Torre has to be frontrunner for Dodgers.

There are some impressive, heavyweight syndicates vying to buy the Los Angeles Dodgers, with the latest entry the clear frontrunner in my opinion.

TORRE: From bench to boardroom?

I’m thinking slam dunk for Joe Torre.

Mark Cuban, owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, has potentially the most financial clout, but Bud Selig and the owners will likely view him as a loose cannon, much the way NBA commissioner David Stern does.

The Magic Johnson and Steve Garvey groups bring a local flavor, but they don’t have the cache of Torre.

As the sale of the Boston Red Sox proved, Selig leans toward his favorites and has long admired Torre. That Torre worked for Selig last season also gives him an insight into the inner workings of Major League Baseball the other groups lack.

Torre is a leader on so many levels, with respect within the baseball community and the Los Angeles business community. This is a man with integrity and clout. If he’s truly sincere in this endeavor, I can’t see the team being sold to anybody but him.



9 thoughts on “Torre has to be frontrunner for Dodgers.

  1. I think Torre is linked with Steve Cohen who is a hedge fund manager. They have enough financial clout.

  2. Cuban is involved because the bankruptcy courts are involved and Buddy boy doesn’t have his normal dictatorial control over the selection.

  3. I know Bud wants to keep his friends the Wilpons in control but at some point he has to realize they have too much debt. So what he should do is have the Magic Johnson group buy the Dodgers (local and minority) and have Torre-Cohen buy the Mets. But that won’t happen.

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    I started out majoring in econ but got bored. I realized there was too much statistics involved.