Nationals reportedly in it for Fielder.

Depending on whom you read, the Nationals are either in it or don’t have an interest in Prince Fielder. I’m thinking they’ll make an offer, but only if they’ll give him an out clause similar to that the Yankees had in contracts with CC Sabathia and Alex Rodriguez.

FIELDER: Prince goes to Washington?

The Nationals have worked well with Fielder’s agent, Scott Boras, who had the out in the Rodriguez deal. It would be a win-win for all.

For Fielder, it would be a chance to repeat the process and make more money. For the Nationals, if Fielder turns out to be a bust, isn’t in shape, or they aren’t winning, it would be a chance to walk away.

Let’s assume the Nationals get Fielder and he posts big numbers. That should offer protection for Jayson Werth and possibly put them in wild-card contention. Of course, it comes down to pitching, which is what we’ve said for years about the Mets.

Working in the Nationals’ favor is that many of the high rolling teams already have a first baseman. The Yankees, Boston and Angels aren’t players and the Dodgers are as much a mess as the Mets. That leaves Washington, the Cubs and Texas. I don’t see the Cardinals trying to compensate for losing Albert Pujols with Fielder, and I don’t picture a late run by the Brewers.

Getting Fielder should keep the Rangers on pace if not ahead of the Angels in the AL West. It is questionable what he would mean to the rebuilding Cubs. What is a certainty is he would put the Nationals ahead of the Mets, if they aren’t already.



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  1. Steve S (1): I hear you. Having the willingness, not to mention the ability, would make all the difference to this franchise. The Mets live in a division where everybody else can afford to keep up with the checkbook.-JD