Nationals making more noise … Mets remain quiet.

I don’t know much about the prospects the Nationals are sending to Oakland for Gio Gonzalez. What I do know is adding Gonzalez makes them considerably more improved, and that includes better than the Mets.

If what is reported is true, that the Mets wouldn’t part with Jon Niese and Ike Davis then that makes a degree of sense because with what is left it isn’t good enough for Gonzalez to carry. Then again, if I were Oakland I wouldn’t deal Gonzalez for a package that includes two players on the mend.

The essence of this trade reveals a key Mets’ weakness, and that’s a lack of depth in the minor leagues that could be used in trades. For the past few years, one of their biggest chips was Fernando Martinez, but injuries have slowed his career to little more than a crawl.

Do you remember when the Mets were telling us about their wealth of outfield prospects in Martinez, Lastings Milledge and Carlos Gomez? Kind of makes you think when they tout what’s down below now that we really don’t know.

It has been an interesting winter so far for other teams, including St. Louis, which will add Carlos Beltran for two years at $26 million. Beltran won’t make them forget Albert Pujols, but at least the Cardinals are attempting to move forward.

The Mets will add a few minor pieces between now and spring training, but nothing that will prompt anybody to pick up phone and order tickets.

Here we are, a couple of days before Christmas and the weather is warm enough for Opening Day. When I think about the promise and excitement Opening Day is supposed to have, I realize we won’t feel that way at Citi Field for several more years.

Sad really.

8 thoughts on “Nationals making more noise … Mets remain quiet.

  1. All those players had talent. One of which actually plays in MLB. FMart was always injured. He was always a risk. Lastings has talent, but he is a bonehead so he washed out.

    I agree. We have talented pitchers all of which will not pan out. Hopefully this crew won’t ruin them the way the last bunch did.

    The Nationals and everyone else has a good rotation. Our team has no pitching staff. We have to hope and pray that these guys are as good as advertised.

  2. Until this team has money or is honest about the money they don’t have , we have no hope for a good team. Just the hope we get a lucky mixture.

  3. Well, since we have new management, I wouldn’t hold the past touting against them.

    That said, Gomez went for Johan, so at least they traded high.

    Milledge wound up being a disaster (I remember the disagreements we had JD), too bad, because he did have talent, just seemed like he couldn’t get it together.

    F? just can’t stay healthy. Again, looks like he has talent, but will probably wind up being released at some point if he can’t stay on the field. Sandy et al didn’t sign him, so they don’t have ties to him.

    One thing I think the new management will do differently is not rush guys. All 3 of the guys you mentioned were rushed for one reason or another, mostly due to an abundance of injuries and lack of depth at the upper levels of the farm.

    I’m not so sure Gio is all that. His periperals are not that great. While Nationals park can help, he is still going to have to deal with pitching a lot of games in bandboxes, against quality teams. His tendency to walking a lot of guys may come back to hurt him.

  4. Lastings Milledge? Yeah, I think I spotted him outside a bar last night on the corner Hollywood and Vine, wearing that enormous cross around his neck and holding up a cardboard sign reading, “WILL HIGH-FIVE FANS AFTER HITTING HOME RUNS FOR FOOD.”

  5. Ed (3): I do remember sparring about Milledge. He did have talent. Just one of hundreds of players who never lived up to the promise. The Mets have had more than a few. … You are right about rushing. There is some promising pitching, which I hope they’ll take the time to develop. With the Mets several years away, I hope they don’t push them too soon. I believe they did that with Mike Pelfrey.-JD