Dealing Niese makes no sense.

Pitching is the most valuable commodity in the sport, with a premium on left-handed starters.

In Jonathan Niese, despite last year’s injury, the Mets have a young, inexpensive lefty in their control with some degree of success and loads of potential. For a rebuilding team such as the Mets, Niese is just the type of pitching prospect they should be looking to acquire.

So, why am I hearing all this noise about the Mets trying to trade him? It just makes absolutely no sense unless they are receiving quality pitching and more in a package, which they are not.

Certainly, Colorado outfielder Seth Smith doesn’t fit that description.

I understand the Mets are in a rebuilding mode and have tried to be patient in that regard. I also understand the winter is ripe for rumors, most of them unsubstantiated. But, if the Niese talk is even remotely close to being true, that would border on the absurd.

Also crazy were reports the Mets were discussing lefty Gio Gonzalez and considering posting a bid for Yu Darvish.

Gonzalez goes beyond wishful thinking. The only way a team would surrender what it takes to get G0nzalez is if they could sign him to a long-term extension and we know the Mets don’t have that ability.

As for Darvish, the Rangers spent $50 million just for the rights to negotiating with him. No way the Mets would have even thought of something so ridiculous. For a team with little success in the Japanese market and in a cost-cutting frame of mind, and with the limited success of Japanese pitchers in the major leagues, that would have been crazy.


6 thoughts on “Dealing Niese makes no sense.

  1. Dealing Niese may not make sense, but apparently signing a catcher with a career .197 batting average and who was the 2010 and 2009 American League leader in Most Passed Balls Allowed does. That’s what Sandy Alderson did today when he signed the immortal Rob Johnson. He should match up nicely with the 2011 National League Passed Balls Allowed Champ, Josh Thole. Better line up now for your World Series tickets!

  2. Gil (1): NIce to hear from you and thanks for the post on my father. I hope all is well with you and yours in LA. That reserve catcher should make all the difference in the world. Enjoy the holidays.-JD

  3. Considering what Gio was traded for it absolutely makes sense to trade Niese as long as you get a lot back.

    Not for the OF you mention in the article.