Reflections on a wild Winter Meetings.

* I understand the fans’ dismay over the Mets losing Jose Reyes, but I believe it has more to do with the disarray the team is in more than losing the player itself. Reyes’ departure is emblematic to the degree of how far the Mets fell since the 2006 playoffs.

The fact is Reyes makes his living with his legs but hasn’t been completely healthy in three seasons, including two stints on the disabled list last year. The Mets’ financial situation made it cost prohibitive to bring him back at that price and it wasn’t worth the risk. Realistically evaluating things, bringing back Reyes was the wrong play.

If you’re frustrated and angry, it should be at the Mets’ overall condition and not that a brittle player took the money and ran.

* It is premature to give the Angels a pass into the playoffs. Their rotation might be stronger than Texas with the addition of CJ Wilson, but the Rangers’ lineup remains superior and there’s always the chance they might add Prince Fielder.

Do you remember when the Yankees added Alex Rodriguez and Randy Johnson? They were supposed to win multiple World Series, but didn’t win anything until 2009, and by that time Johnson retired. The Phillies were favorites the past two years. How did that work out? Also, how did it work out for the Miami Heat last year and the Philadelphia Eagles this season? Rarely, do things work out smoothly for Dream Teams.

* Don’t you think the Yankees regret the Rodriguez contract? I bet they do. I’d also be willing to bet eventually the Angels and Marlins might regret their wild spending, which never guarantees anything.

* I wouldn’t be surprised if St. Louis made a run at Fielder to take the sting out of losing Albeert Pujols. Even so, the money might be better spent on maintaining because the Cardinals are still a good team and don’t need an overhaul.

* Regarding Fielder, I found it laughable to read the Cubs don’t have the money to spend on Fielder. The Cubs have the resources, but are they willing?

* The Mets believe they bolstered their bullpen, with Sandy Alderson saying they have the seventh through ninth accounted for. Then again, they took from the Toronto Blue Jays, a team with over 20 blown saves last season.


6 thoughts on “Reflections on a wild Winter Meetings.

  1. I don’t think any of the stars on the Marlins today will be there 3 years from now.

    That is their history.

    I think the Mets pen is stronger than at the end of the year, but we do not have a closer. It will be bullpen by committee. Which is ok because we will struggle to win half the games.

  2. Fred Wilpon was right after all. Reyes didn’t get Crawford money, or even Jayson Werth money.

    Maybe what hurts more is that Reyes was a Met for 9 years, he became about as good as we could possibly hope and the Mets had one playoff appearance.

    Back to reading “Too good to be True” where Wilpon is described as being in awe of Bernie Madoff. If you ask me he was running a ponzi scheme from the beginning. Guaranteeing people steady consistent gains above market average?

  3. Dan,
    Identifying a ponzi scheme takes a bit of thoughtful research on the actual returns. The people being handed money rarely check and the people not Should check !!!
    In the end I do not wish for anyone to have their money go poof.
    With that said. If you do not have the money to host a professional ball club. Sell!!