Reyes addresses New York media.

Jose Reyes spoke with members of the Mets’ media this afternoon at the Winter Meetings in Dallas. Here’s a transcript of what he said:

On whether he was surprised that Mets were not more aggressive:

“During the season, you guys know, I always say I want to go back to play there. But they don’t do anything to want me there. So, after that, there’s nothing really I can do. Now, I’m with the Miami Marlins. The Mets don’t do anything to have me. It is what it is, man. This is a business and I have to move on. It’s over. I can’t be crying about that, because they don’t show me anything. They don’t push anything to have me there. Why should I be worried about it if they didn’t want me?”

Do you think they just didn’t want you? Or was it probably their financial situation and not being to afford you?

“You know, I can’t tell you that, because they never talked to me. I don’t know if it was because of the money or they don’t want me there — they want to move on with some other pieces. I don’t know, because they never said anything. Sandy maybe talked with Peter, but they don’t offer anything. They don’t do like real offer. They don’t do anything, really.”

Would you have wanted them to call you more this offseason, show you more love?

“No doubt. They don’t do that. When we almost get close to making a deal with the Marlins, that’s when they called. But they call for nothing because they don’t offer anything. It’s kind of weird. I was confused a little bit. During the season a lot of times Sandy (Alderson) said, ‘We want Jose’ and stuff like that. I expect they’d at least call and say, ‘We’re still working on some things so we’re going to get to you guys.’ That never happened.”

Do you feel badly leaving David Wright behind in what may be a difficult situation to win?

“I don’t want to say I feel bad. They still have some good talent there on the team. I wish all the best to David. I think if he’s healthy this year he’s going to do what he did in the past. I don’t worry about David because he’s a guy who is working hard a lot. I know I’m going to miss him, because I play all my career with him beside me. But it was time for me to move on.”

The hair was to be cut?

“That’s the rule that they have.”

What about making only one postseason appearance with the Mets?

“It is disappointing because you play this game to win. A couple of times we had very good teams over the years and we weren’t able to do anything. I feel sorry from that part because we weren’t able to bring a championship to Queens.”

If the money was similar, would you have picked Mets?

“That’s too late to think about that.”

Are you still going to hear those “Jose, Jose” chants at Citi Field?

“I don’t know, to be honest with you. I don’t know. But, like I say, I show a lot of love to the fans. They show a lot of love to me too and they support me. They know that I’m going to play for another team. So I don’t know how their reaction is going to be. But I’m going to still love them. Whatever it is it is. But I’m going to play for another team now.”

Was it hard to walk away from only team you ever knew?

“I don’t want to say easy, but I’m on another team now. I’m past that place. … It’s never easy, because like I said, I spent all my life playing in New York. So it’s not an easy decision. But what can I do? They didn’t show anything. And Miami, they were there from the beginning for me. With the good plan that they have, I have to make my decision there.”

Several observations on what Reyes had to say:

1) Reyes made it clear he didn’t want to negotiate during the season, but he’s making it sound as if the Mets did nothing. They simply respected his request.

2) He’s right. There’s no reason he should worry about things if the Mets didn’t make a formal offer. Reyes, however, did understand the parameters the Mets were operating from. To say he was oblivious to what the Mets would offer is not accurate.

3) It was uneasy to hear him say, “I show a lot of love to the fans.” Isn’t this is the same guy who pulled himself from the game in the season finale to sit on his batting average? Not much love there.

4) “I’m past that place.” Kind of says it all, doesn’t it?

5) “This is a business and I have to move on.” Truer words were never spoken.

By the way, great line by Sandy Alderson when asked if he should have shown more love to Reyes, said: “If you’re asking me if I should have sent him a box of chocolates, perhaps I should have done that.”


5 thoughts on “Reyes addresses New York media.

  1. Miami was there from the beginning? when was that? The mets didnt show anything? Show me the money! Poor Jose. Nobody wanted to get into a bidding war for you. Now Hanley isnt going to love you no more either. This soap opera is just beginning.

  2. Life is like a box of choco-late.
    You never know what you get until u open the box and see the dead mouse – and no chocolate 😉

    Kinda like the Wilpons having no money and thinking they can finance a team ..

  3. I caught a small piece of the interview yesterday. I thought it was smooth of him to say how much he loves the fans.

    He was pretty cold saying it is done and he is now a Marlin.

    I do not know what to think of him. If what he said in this piece here is true, then he has a point. The team did not try and get him. Jose is an emotional guy. Saying I love you and want you back is almost as important as the $$. If they did that at least they could have said they tried, they wanted to engage.

    I can only think back to the owner’s comments back in the summer where he blasted his whole team including Jose. I am sure all were listening.

  4. “It was pretty clear, I think, from Terry (Collins) as well as others in the organization, including me, that we would like to have him back. Most of my conversations were public. I tried to convey that publicly. And those conversations I did have from time to time with (agent) Peter Greenberg, I expressed that personally. So, from that standpoint, I certainly don’t feel as if that was the difference between him coming back and not coming back. I think our conduct over the course of last season, when we had an opportunity to trade him, we had other opportunities to do things, when Terry and the organization went out their way to protect him physically to make sure he was not only able to perform, but was healthy at the end of the season, which obviously would have an impact on his contract status, I think given all of those things we acted in his best interest and with a view toward maintaining a positive relationship with him.”

    All this is true. The Mets did act in his best interest. But when it came contract time Sandy kept his distance. He should have been calling every day. Just to say hello. It may not have worked and in the end money is where its at, but it seems Jose was not happy that the team he came up with did not seem to care when it was time for him to hit free agency.

  5. The mets tried to talk contract in the summer and reyes people said no. They wanted a bidding war and had no interest in re-signing until the market was played. They just got lucky there was one owner (as always) willing to do something stupid. (Invest 106mil in a gimpy player who lives on his speed game.