Ramirez supposedly not happy; Mets deal Pagan.

Word out of the Winter Meetings has Hanley Ramirez upset about being asked to move to third base. Initial reports had Ramirez saying he’d be happy to move if it meant adding his buddy Jose Reyes.

RAMIREZ: Not a happy camper?

To hear Ramirez is unhappy is ridiculous, but hardly surprising considering how some teams communicate. This should have been resolved a long time ago, similar to when the Yankees traded for Alex Rodriguez, who knew he wouldn’t move Derek Jeter out of shortstop.

Ramirez is an immensely talented player, but also has pronounced streaks of petulance and moodiness, and can be a dog if he doesn’t get his way. This is not something a team on the rise needs. If these reports are true, the Marlins made a mistake, unless, of course they plan to deal Ramirez for pitching.

But, that’s Miami’s problem.

Reportedly, the Marlins are hot on Albert Pujols, but said they’ll back off if there’s no deal because they don’t want to lose out on adding pitching and have interest in Mark Buehrle and CJ Wilson.

The Marlins already have a good offense without Pujols, but must fill out their rotation. Pitching is what will do it for them, especially after adding quality closer Heath Bell.

I’m not surprised after writing about the Mets’ roster that additions were made.

First off, I like the trade of Angel Pagan to San Francisco for centerfielder Andres Torres and reliever Ramon Ramirez. Torres is a solid defensive player and last season provided little pop for the Giants. The key is moving Pagan, who regressed last year and wasn’t a pleasant influence in the clubhouse.

In Ramon Ramirez and acquiring Jon Rauch from Toronto, the Mets added depth with the hope of somebody panning out. Let’s face it, those aren’t elite relievers and were available for a reason.

The Mets also signed Frank Francisco to a 2-year, $12 million deal that qualifies as a splash for the Mets these days.  Francisco has a good arm, and went 1-4 with a 3.55 ERA and 17 saves last season. Those numbers don’t suggest dominance, and neither does issuing 18 walks and 49 hits (seven homers) in 50.2 innings.

That’s a lot of runners on base, which we’ve seen too much from the Mets’ bullpen in recent years.

It is interesting the Mets will probably send a scout to watch Joel Zumaya, who has been injury-prone since 2006. When he’s on, Zumaya has consistently hit 100 mph., plus and that’s the attraction. If his arm is sound, he’s worth a risk.

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2 thoughts on “Ramirez supposedly not happy; Mets deal Pagan.

  1. Everyone could use a guy who hits 3 digits on the gun.

    I have never heard that Angel was a problem in the clubhouse. I have seen him make stupid plays his whole career. If Torres is a better CF than the trade is worth it.

    I agree on the pen. It looks like we do not have a closer.

  2. dave (1): If he’s healthy he’s worth the gamble. … Both Alderson and Collins complained of Pagan’s demeanor and moodiness. … No closer. But, it would be nice to get starters and relievers that could lead to the closer. As it is now, the closer could pitch twice a week.-JD