On trading David Wright.

I wrote it also, losing Jose Reyes could make it easier for the Mets to eventually trade David Wright if they go in full rebuilding mode. However, it is not imminent and regardless of what you read, it won’t be to the Yankees.

WRIGHT: He's not going anywhere.

Despite his power dropoff in two of the past three seasons, Wright is the only marketable player the Mets have remaining. Ike Davis and Lucas Duda are a promise. Nobody else generates more than a yawn.

Wright will not be dealt while the Mets are trying to sell season tickets and advertising for SNY and Citi Field.  And based on his production in two of the past three years, his value is at its lowest. If the Mets are bent on trading Wright, they’ll need to see him healthy and hitting for power. That’s what will get Sandy Alderson’s phone ringing. Dealing Wright now would be trading him when the market is low.

Just not a smart thing to do.

As far as the Yankees are concerned, the teams made trades in the past, but not one where one of the team’s marquee players is involved. Trading Wright to their city rivals would be a slap at their fan base, and even upper management has to be smart enough to recognize that.

As it is the Yankees already have a third baseman, one they are paying over $30 million, and they aren’t about to move Alex Rodriguez to DH without giving him a chance to prove he’s healthy again. A sound Rodriguez will still get a majority of his at-bats as a third baseman.

As of now, the Yankees see their designated hitter as a slot to give players a rest while their bat remains in the lineup. Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, Nick Swisher and Mark Teixeira could all benefit from a DH breather.

And, as of now, the Yankees’ priority remains starting pitching and that’s where they’ll throw their money.

Wright to the Yankees? Not happening. I swear, I don’t know where some of this stuff comes from.

Also far-fetched is the concept of the Marlins trading Reyes to the Yankees in two years after they buy out Jeter.

More science fiction.

First of all, the Yankees won’t buy out Jeter. They will let him retire on his terms with a farewell tour. No way they cast him off during the winter.

Second, we don’t know Reyes’ physical make-up after two years. I’ve been saying all along Reyes is a breakdown waiting to happen and nothing has changed my opinion on that. You can’t forecast a trade two years down the road.

Thirdly, we don’t know what the Yankees’ needs will be by then. We can guess their payroll will be high, but would they want to take on Reyes’ contract when there might be other priorities?

Finally, if a player who signs a free-agent contract is traded during that contract, he has the right to demand a trade after the season. Whether it is the Yankees or anybody else, the team would likely have to come up with an extension if it wants to trade for Reyes.


6 thoughts on “On trading David Wright.

  1. Well pagan is gone and they made it count …
    We now how pitching allegedly but we still have warthen ?

  2. I see Hanley is kinda annoyed about having to change positions.

    Gee, wasn’t that talk last year that he was a team guy for changing his place in the batting order, while Jose didn’t want to?

    Ladies and Gentleman, Hanley Ramirez, your clubhouse leader!!!!!

  3. Ed (2): You would have thought the Marlins would have talked to Ramirez about this. You might have also thought if Reyes and Ramirez were such friends they would have discussed this. Ramirez has always been self-centered, and if what we’re hearing is true, then this shouldn’t be a surprise.-JD

  4. I could see David going to the Yanks.

    Maybe not at the beginning of the year, but they can move ARod to DH and add a in his prime marquee player while tweaking the Mets and giving up a few prospects or cash.

    This team is so screwed by the owners I would not rule it out.