Reyes took the money and ran … before pulling another hammy.

I have no problem with Jose Reyes taking the money and running. There are fewer and fewer players who’ll play their entire careers with one organization. Cal Ripken did it. Derek Jeter will do it. I thought Albert Pujols would do it, but I’m not so sure anymore.

REYES: A no brainer decision by him and the Mets.

I can’t even guess the odds on David Wright doing it now.

I never figured Reyes would be one of those players. Early in his career he begged the Mets to give him a long term deal. They did it, to him and Wright, when they didn’t have to. It was a good business decision then, but at the time Reyes was saying how he desperately needed the money for his family. It was a sign he didn’t manage his funds well, and would eventually go for the bucks.

No problem, because that’s the way of the sports world.

There are some interesting things to come out of Reyes signing with the Marlins. While the Mets never gave a formal offer their early conversations with Reyes included a base with incentives – games and plate appearances – that could have pushed it over his magic figure of $100 million. The Marlins’ money is guaranteed, so if Reyes blows out a hamstring and ends up playing 50 games a year for the Miami he’ll still get paid.

Knowing Reyes’ injury history the past three years, the Mets were right to be cautious. So, too, was Reyes. He knows he’s not durable, so it was a no brainer for him to take the guaranteed money.

The Mets’ stance of letting the market form and reacting to it was a calculated gamble, and might have worked had Miami not bid against itself. Reyes was one of the three premier free agents, but why did he go so fast? And, why was nobody else in the game?

Where was Detroit? San Francisco? Boston? The Angels? Milwaukee? All were teams supposedly with an interest, but didn’t come knocking. Their thinking was the same as the Mets, which was to let the market form and perhaps they could scoop him up at a discount.

Nobody wanted to set the bar for Reyes and his hamstrings. Nobody, but Miami.

The Marlins were the clear aggressors, but took a risk. Initial reports had the Marlins around $90 million, but they blinked and bid against themselves. And Reyes’ camp, perhaps sensing a lack of suitors, didn’t let the market develop at the Winter Meetings and grabbed the deal.

There is a lot to be said for a bird in the hand.

Perhaps Reyes didn’t think he’d get a better deal elsewhere, and knew he wouldn’t get anything close to the Marlins’ price from the Mets.

Nope, I don’t blame him for taking the money and running, especially on those tender hamstrings.

8 thoughts on “Reyes took the money and ran … before pulling another hammy.

  1. I agree. Jose saw the bird in his grasp and took the deal.

    I do not begrudge him leaving the team. This team as you detail in your previous post has money issues ( you really should include a link to it in this one ).

    With free agency and the players being friends on and off the field, their loyalty is not to the team or the fans. It does not help that many fans feel they paid their money and are entitled to act like jerks. It also helps that with the first professional contract many decent players ( not good, not great ), are independently wealthy. It used to be all-star players still had to work real jobs in the offseason to make ends meet.

    All the above create an environment where loyalty to a team does not exist anywhere but in the fans mind.

  2. All was said well. Nothing to add except I hope for the man he stays healthy and for the team that they lose when they play the mets.

  3. Steve C (2): Would like to see Reyes play out his career and become the player long expected of him. I don’t believe he’ll go the six years without a scratch. The odds are against it.-JD

  4. It looks like Hanley is already showing his displeasure at Reyes arrival and being asked to move to 3rd base. This could be fun !!

  5. Ray (6): That is puzzling to me. If the Marlins didn’t consult Hanley on adding Ramirez it would have to be one of the dumbest things they could do. If Ramirez wasn’t on board with his and they don’t want to trade him, there’s going to be a lot of dogging in South Beach.-JD

  6. I saw a headline where the Marlins were going after Pujols.

    The team the Marlins are putting together will be exciting. Year 3 will see a fire sale where all the stars will be someplace else.

    But at least they will make a run.