A cold winter is upon us as Reyes bolts for Marlins.

The Winter Meeting hadn’t yet begun when they ended for the Mets in the late hours last night at the Dallas Hilton Anatole when Jose Reyes accepted the Miami Marlins’ six-year, $106-million offer.

REYES: He's gone.

Hell, they might as well pack up and leave town now because without the Mets having made an offer, it is clear they don’t have the money to compete. They can leave an intern behind for the Rule 5 draft.

Truthfully, there’s no point in feigning anger or disappointment over losing Reyes, because anybody with a clue knew it was going to end this way. What we didn’t know were the numbers or final destination, although it rapidly became evident it would be Miami as no other players emerged.

Detroit, San Francisco, Milwaukee were rumored to have interest, but they recognized Reyes’ demands were excessive for an injury-prone player and never entered the bidding. The Mets can hardly take solace in that others thought the same, because there’s the uneasy truth at what a non-bid means.

The Mets didn’t even get to mutter the “we tried,’’ line because they really didn’t. Talking a few times to an agent without mentioning numbers isn’t trying.

“We decided that there were some conceptual limitations and one of the reasons we held back so long was to see where the market would take us,’’ GM Sandy Alderson lamely said last night, probably not even believing his own words.

That conceptual limitation was thinking Reyes might work for free, much like a college intern.

In letting the market form without them, the Mets were hoping others might see Reyes’ limitations, also, and he might fall back to them. But, the Marlins wanted him, and as the Mets did with Jason Bay and they Yankees have done too many times to mention, they bid against themselves.

For awhile last summer the Mets were competitive beyond expectations largely because Reyes was playing to his walk year before he was injured. There is no realistic hope for a competitive summer in 2012. At this point, even Washington and the Marlins are better, and that includes their financial state as well.

Alderson said last night the Mets lost $70 million last year and want to cut the 2011 payroll from $143 million to $100 million or less.

Reportedly, the Mets owe $430 million in principal on a loan against the team, another $450 million on a loan against SNY, and $600 million on Citi Field. And, we haven’t even begun to think about their potential debt on the Ponzi scandal.

Only Fred Wilpon’s friendship with Bud Selig has kept the commissioner from coming down on him as he did the Dodgers’ Frank McCourt.

As I’ve written here numerous times, Alderson was brought here as a fixer, to clean up this mess, but it is becoming clearer the Mets might be broken – and broke – beyond repair.

Through it all, Alderson played the role of the good soldier and said the Mets aren’t considering trading David Wright, but we all know that is next.

“I’m not conceding anything in respect to 2012,’’ Alderson said, his words sounding as hollow.

By the way, season ticket renewals are due soon.


23 thoughts on “A cold winter is upon us as Reyes bolts for Marlins.

  1. You forgot to mention Beltran and the beloved KRod in the march toward respectability last year.

    We are left with 2 big contracts, Santana and Wright

    Will they be here September of next year?

    I would be OK with Sandy turning us into the Marlins if we can win the WS every 3 years.

  2. I just read 6 years 102.

    Perhaps by the time the deal is officially announced it will be 6 years 85?

    Also I am reading that we get a 3rd round pick out of this because Heath Bell is a more valuable player.

  3. Dave – and Bay. Don’t forget him, Omar’s gift that keeps giving.

    More ulcers.

    and yes, for some reason Bell will net the Padres the Marlins 2nd round pick (their 1st rounder is protected) so we get screwed.
    Probably get a sandwich pick as well, but I wouldn’t count on another Wright coming out of that.

  4. dave (1-3): Of course they’ll dare to trade Wright. They have nothing left to lose. … Don’t forget Bay as a large contract that is weighing them down. … Whatever the final numbers, it is more than the Mets were willing to pay.-JD

  5. Ed (5): I don’t know what pick the Mets will get from Reyes. Whatever it is, it will be years before we know if it will pan out to something.-JD

  6. Ed/John (5/6)

    That is right. I forgot about him.

    Probably because he doesn’t hit so is mostly a non factor in games.

  7. OK.

    So now that this is done we can look forward to the Ruben era of the Mets. Let us hope he continues to improve at the plate.

    So our lineup starts with Angel.

  8. John(6)

    If they trade David they will need to get a 3rd baseman. Can you imagine having Murphy or Turner as our starter at 3rd?


  9. Dave- I dont think Wright is going anywhere, at least not for awhile. They would face too much negative media for that now. I dont think Murphy at third is a terrible thing. As a matter of fact last year I think he was a better ballplayer offensivly and defensivly than David. We are all hoping for a resurgance but thats the way it is now.

  10. JD, as you say, it tells alot that no other team was in it for Reyes and Both DC and Boston come to mind as places that really need an upgrade at short. time will tell as they say.

  11. dave (11): If they trade David Wright, and I no longer see a reason that they won’t, Murphy would move to third. That is, of course, unless they haven’t traded him, yet.-JD

  12. 17. Some teams have already approached the mets about Murphy. I think Wright will go first. Murphy will be a lot cheaper to keep and bring back less.

  13. John(17)

    Yes. I wondered at the price. He got his $100M, but the initial figures I heard was $111M, then you reported $106M and I read $102M.

    So he got his headline number and he got 6 years. Perhaps it was smart of him to take the bird in the hand.

    I will miss him as a player. I do not think he will stay with the Marlins for the length of the contract. In fact like Delgado they may look to move him after 2 years.

  14. Ray(18)

    Apparently the Mets are willing to trade the whole team. It may be just prudent planning to gauge the interest in your players and what the offers are.

    But I have seen several news items mentioning Murphy in the past month or so.

  15. Ray (18): I have heard Murphy’s name mentioned, but nothing hot. Considering he is coming off a knee problem and doesn’t have a position, I would think interest from a National League team would be timid. I can see an AL team liking him as a DH.-JD

  16. dave (20): It isn’t a fire sale, but it could be at anytime. As of now, I see two safe Mets: Johan Santana and Jason Bay. Who would trade for Santana now not knowing if he’ll be able to pitch. As for Bay, that’s a lot of money to pay for no production.-JD