I can hardly contain myself.

Read the news today about how the Mets could be players for 38-year-old reliever Octavio Dotel. A journeyman of all journeymen pitchers who has pitched for a dozen teams, including once the Mets.

If the Mets were a contending team with a deep bullpen, Dotel might have been a good fit. But, they aren’t a contender and their bullpen is shoddy at best and Dotel is nothing more than a bit part.

Surely, the Mets can scoop something off the reliever garbage heap that Dotal.

Also a bit of interesting news is that Pat Misch signed with Philadelphia. There was somebody always better – and that’s a relative term when it comes to the Mets’ rotation – but Misch always gave a solid effort and usually strong innings whenever given the chance.

3 thoughts on “I can hardly contain myself.

  1. but that bit part is needed. And Dotel has been pretty good the past couple of seasons. Not a star, but few bullpen guys are.
    Pat Misch on the other hand stinks. If there was always someone better on the Mets than him, it shows how bad he was.

  2. I like Misch too.

    He is not a great player, but he is useful and can pitch sometimes.

    We need to pick up a closer before they are all gone. I do not want them to overspend as we aren’t going anywhere so what is the point? But a good closer is necessary for any team. Especially one in NY.

    What we still need is a rotation. What I do not hear is any effort to improve the rotation. So we will essentially have the same below average staff we had last year which fills me with great hope for the 2012 season.

    As a fan I am waiting for 2013/14 or the day when the Wilpons are driven out of town.

  3. Hey, the Mets are finally listening to old Sadecki. If Omar would have took my advice a few years ago and signed Wolf instead of Ollie he might still have a job today.