Slow developing market for Reyes.

On the biggest shopping day of the year, the Mets are home wondering what to do with their leftovers.

When I read the Kansas City Royals could offer Bruce Chen $9 million, I begin to wonder if it worth being patient. Then I realize there is no other alternative. Jose Reyes could very well get his $100 million, but he won’t get it from the Mets.

The Mets’ stance of letting the market develop for Reyes before jumping in seems to be the philosophy of everybody else. The Marlins were the first one in, and they gave him a relatively low offer compared to what he’s expecting.

The Mets’ well-founded cautious take because of his injury history is also the thinking of everybody else. Rightfully so. This is not a knock on Reyes, but a statement of fact on the situation.

The offers will increase the closer we get to the Winter Meetings, and the Mets will undoubtedly make their tidy “well we gave him a fair proposal“ contract designed for show.

And, the Mets will be right. It would have been a fair proposal. But, when it comes to free agency, fair has nothing to do with it.


17 thoughts on “Slow developing market for Reyes.

  1. I would like to see Jose back.

    It seems they money won’t be over the top. I think Jose will be the way he is now. Not a superstar but a very good player who can be the motor for the offense and the defense when everything is right with him.

    Perhaps sometime before XMas someone will panic and he will get his money. I wonder if Jimmy lowers his price as Jimmy is a decent player too who is a bit older.

  2. 1. I predict they will spread it around to a few low priced players. As I said before, I want an experienced catcher with a coaches mentality to mentor Thole. I cant think of a better candidate than ol’ pudge. I want a low cost/high reward SP to compete with Gee for the 5th spot. I would like to see what a heathy Chris young can give. The rest will go to relief pitching. Dotel was very impressive in the playoffs and series. He is now a B free agent and will not cost a pick. The other reliever can be a Lidge or Capps or another of that type. This can all be done for less that 10 million leaving Sandy the flexiblity he craves. Plus we get the 2 picks for Reyes.

  3. The plan seems to be to spend LESS, overall, if Reyes is signed by another team ($90 million or so?). And when attendance goes down again, they will have less to spend next winter. Fans should not tolerate the Wilpons’ lack of spending.

    The starting rotation will be awful. I would trade Pelfrey for Street, and to heck with the bench coach. I would be OK with them adding Francisco and/or Lidge, but not Capps.

  4. Heyman thinks Reyes will get 6 years 120 mil. IF he wasnt an injury waiting to happen, he might be worth it, but he is what he is. You never trade a starter for a reliever unless its a steal and Street doesnt impress me.

  5. Rev Al (1): That’s the key question. We all know if that money was spent plugging their numerous holes they might become better, but i don’t think they’ll go that route. I believe they’ll act like the teams getting revenue sharing money and just save it. Just a feeling.-JD

  6. dave (2): As a player, I think Reyes has peaked. I can see Reyes as good as he’ll ever be, and to me, that isn’t worth $20 million a season. Is anybody really surprised Reyes turned it on in his walk year before getting injured?-JD

  7. Ray (4): Thole could really benefit from Pudge. Odd as it sounded, I thought he was benefitting under Schneider. Your shopping list of needs sounds reasonable, but I don’t think they’ll spend what it would take to sign Lidge or Capps. … A healthy Young would be interesting, but I don’t think they’ll gamble on him again.-JD

  8. Steve S (5): Once the spiral starts it is hard to stop. Losing teams – unless they are the Cubs – don’t draw and have less resources. And, when you’re in a cost cutting mode to begin with, it makes it even harder to build.-JD

  9. Ray (6): I’ve heard similar numbers, and I would run from them. I agree with you on trading a starter for a reliever. Unless it is a shutdown closer, I wouldn’t do it, and Street isn’t that good.-JD

  10. 10. That is B.S. I am sorry. how much was texas payroll last year? Even St.Louis wasnt that high.
    In 2005 The Mets started spending big bucks. Did they draw well in the years before? SNY wasnt even operating then, I believe.

  11. The Wilpons have no money they borrow from sugar daddy selig.
    Any money saved is money they don’t have to spend .

  12. John(8)

    I think Jose has peaked also.

    However the reports I read was he only had a $16M/year 5 year offer on the table.

    I would do that. He will probably be injured and it may be overpaying somewhat, but he is in his peak years and if he can ever get a training regimen where he stops the hammy issues he is still a dynamic player. If he learned from last year that he can swing level and not golf it he is a better player.

    A lot of ifs to be sure, but I would do it at $16M/year.