2011 Player Review: Justin Turner


THE SKINNY: With second base a black hole last season when Brad Emaus didn’t make it and Daniel Murphy was hurt, Turner played more than anticipated. His playing time also increased when Jose Reyes twice went on the disabled list and Tejada played shortstop.

PRE-SEASON EXPECTATIONS: In the minor leagues, where he had been since 2006 with the Cincinnati and Baltimore organizations. The Mets would keep an eye on him because of his ability to play multiple positions (second, third and shortstop).

HOW THE SEASON PLAYED OUT: Turner quickly got his opportunity with the Mets and made the most of it with his hustle, timely hitting and defensive versatility. However, just because Turner can play multiple positions doesn’t mean he can play them all well as 12 errors indicates.

JOHN’S TAKE: Murphy is the better hitter and should get the first chance at second base, assuming Reyes leaves and Tejada takes over shortstop. The Mets will need bench players and it is better to stay with Turner than take somebody else’s reject off the waiver wire this winter.

JOE’S TAKE: Ultimately I don’t see Justin Turner as an everyday player. With sporadic playing time Turner was a hitting machine at the plate. He had a drive and intensity that almost made him an intimidating presence at the plate, and his focus and approach at the plate were spot on. But when he got regular playing time the results suffered which was a shame. I’ll tell you one thing though about this kid, there’s no Mets player including David Wright, that I’d want up at the plate with runners on base. Turner may be the best situational hitter on the team, and his presence on the bench is a big plus for the Mets.

3 thoughts on “2011 Player Review: Justin Turner

  1. I agree. A good bench player. It is a nice bonus we are not paying $2M a year for a sub. Also I remember reading that he was part of the middle infield defensive tandem that was one of the worst in baseball.

  2. Turner is a good reserve off the bench. From watching most of the of Mets games this year on TV he seemed be well liked by the fans and other players and can play 2nd base and third base. He plays hard and can fill in when an injury occurs. I agree with Dave when this is a good cheap bench player who is a little older who played college ball. If I remember correctly Turner was picked on the recommendation of Wayne Krivsky who drafted him when he was in the front office in Cincinnati.