Just thinking ….

Several things going on with the Mets, but nothing of imminence about to happen. Thought I’d throw out these thoughts to you:

* If Jose Reyes is that deep into talks with the Marlins, then it stands to reason Miami’s key player – Hanley Ramirez – is on board with it and the idea of moving to third base. The Marlins would be stupid to alienate their best player by going after somebody who plays the same position without running the idea past him. To think otherwise would be naive.

* Sandy Alderson came out of the GM meetings in Milwaukee saying Daniel Murphy was available. If the Mets are willing to listen to offers for David Wright, then it is logical to think so is everybody else. Murphy has shown in his limited window an ability to hit for average and get on base, but he’s also demonstrated a propensity for getting hurt and an inability to play a position. Murphy might go as part of a package, but seriously, do you see any team calling the Mets and saying, “we have to have Murphy,” so what will it take? Plus, coming off an injury, who will bite on that without knowing if he can play? Murphy will be with the Mets in spring training.

* Work has already begun on moving in the fences, which I think is a gimmick move that will eventually back fire. The Mets didn’t win at home last year, so the thinking has to be to come out and at least watch them hit more home runs. Trouble is, with the Mets’ suspect pitching, so will the opposition. So, what the Mets might add in terms of run production, they will give up as many, if not more. And, I don’t care about Wright’s ego. He shouldn’t be thinking about home runs anyway, but concentrating on striking out less and getting on base more.

* Did you see where Anna Benson will be on a show “Baseball Wives?” More classy programming. Unless she’s in a bikini, or less, it is Must Miss TV.




9 thoughts on “Just thinking ….

  1. Yes. But it makes David a happier guy. It is in his head. It will hurt the pitchers and make David happier if not better and if Jason can hit a few might be enough for a midseason trade.

  2. JD, I totally disagree about Murphy. He has shown himself to be a capable middle infielder. Both times he got hurt it was playing second base which he is clearly not suited for. Too bad first and third are where the 2 best hitters reside. That is if Wright can be the player he used to be. So many ifs on this team.

  3. I saw a blurb about Mrs. Claus being on that baseball show.

    It will be good to see the old Mets again.


  4. dave (1): I would like to see Wright happier, but wonder if it will happen here. … Bay might benefit with the fences in, but I believe the opposition will benefit more.-JD

  5. Ray (3): How do you define capable? … He did get hurt covering second last season and I think he was injured running the bases before that. … Damn straight on the “ifs.”-JD