Not biting on Reyes to Marlins … yet.

The early reports are in, and they are saying Jose Reyes is close to a deal with the Miami Marlins. I’m just not buying it … at least not right now.

Reyes could very well “take his talents to South Beach,” but it is just too early in the free-agent process to think this is a done deal, and it has nothing to do with the Mets not getting a chance to submit what is speculated to be an artificial counter.

Rarely do these things get done this early. There are still visits to be made to Milwaukee and Detroit, and possibly Philadelphia should Jimmy Rollins bolt for San Francisco. The Marlins might have given Reyes an offer, but do you really think he’ll bite on the first numbers? Hardly. The Reyes camp will counter, especially if the contract is only three years as has been reported.

Reportedly, the CBA is close to being signed, so that doesn’t appear to be the obstacle I originally thought.

However, there are too many steps remaining in this process – especially if Reyes is in it just for the money – for him to accept the first offer. There’s still a ways to go.


7 thoughts on “Not biting on Reyes to Marlins … yet.

  1. premature perhaps, which I agree BUT we have seen plenty of premature wth?! on this team before.
    considering his injuries, if the mets truly dont want him they will deal him off as soon as someone says yes and reyes says ok. mets what do you say? and the mets say bye bye.,. if that truly is the rebuild inclination.

  2. Dan (1): When was the last time a FA of this stature signed right out of the box with another team? I can’t remember. Too much has to play itself out.-JD

  3. It looks like the Dodgers have set the market with an 8 year 160 mil extension to kemp. It looks like Reyes will get his 100 mil and maybe a lot more. Too bad about Kemp. I was hoping maybe when The mets would make a run at him next year. That dream is over.