Have resigned myself to Reyes leaving.

Let’s face it, Ruben Tejada isn’t as good as Jose Reyes. Then again, Reyes is far from a lot of the great shortstops who have played this game. Replacing Reyes isn’t like Mike Bordick replacing Cal Ripken.

Reyes is a very good player, but there have always been obstacles that prevented him from being great. He gets injured, he loses focus, there are times he loafs, his on-base percentage could be better.

Reyes, who makes his living with his legs, was a non-entity on the bases after coming off the disabled list. He was playing to protect himself so he could win his precious batting title and preserve himself for the free-agent market.

There’s always been a twinge of selfishness about Reyes that gets ignored by his endearing smile. The feeling projected is he’ll take the best offer because this is about money. Sure, he wants to stay in New York, but that’s only if the Mets pony up the most.

While Reyes wants the most possible, the Mets will lowball him. There will be some team out there willing to give Reyes the years and a contract north of $100 million. If he can get that, more power to him.

But, it won’t be the Mets. And, considering their position it shouldn’t be the Mets. Sometimes cutting ties is difficult, but it needs to be done. I’m at peace with Reyes wearing another uniform.

9 thoughts on “Have resigned myself to Reyes leaving.

  1. Jose is a very good player. I hope we can keep him, but do not want to break the bank for him.

    Let us see how this plays out.

  2. I also remember him volunteering to move to second when the Mets signed Kaz Matsui. But the whole “pull myself after one bat” seems like a real slap to those who showed up to see his last game. Just do me a favor and sign with a west coast AL team. And don’t go bankrupt after getting a huge payday

  3. John, you seem to write the same variation of this Jose story at least once a week.
    We get it, you don’t think he will be back, and don’t appear to be sad to see him go.
    And sorry, but replacing Reyes with Tejada will be akin to replacing Ripken with Bordick. Bordick and Tejada couldn’t touch Ripken or Reyes.
    And I love the continued sly references to Jose being selfish. Real nice. What, was he not nice to you back when you covered the team?

  4. Ed (3): Yeah, perhaps I have gone on about Reyes, but then again, that’s the only issue currently surrounding the Mets. … It’s not a matter of me being sad about him leaving, but accepting that he’ll be gone. … You can’t be serious about the Ripken-Reyes comparisons. Ripken is in the Hall of Fame. Reyes is far from being considered in that vein. … And, yes, I think there’s a selfishness about Reyes and there’s nothing sly about it. Reyes did not want to move to second base. He balked at batting third. When asked about his on-base percentage his response was always, “I need to play my game.” … And, by the way, Reyes was very nice to me when I covered the team full time and every time I’ve seen him since at Citi Field. That’s never been the issue. What I have written is how I perceive him. That’s what I’m supposed to do.-JD

  5. I don’t know if he volunteered, but he was a young player and Kaz was considered a star for some reason. When Kaz got here we found out he did not know how to move his feet. Strange for a ss.

    Anyway Jose is a far better ss than most. If he were consistent with his focus and fundamentals he would be the best ss out there. Unfortunately for whatever reason he goes into a funk on the field and blows routine plays for a time and then he gets back to his game. As for his bat, he seems to be in love with an uppercut so he can dump the ball over the wall. He did not do it this year, but that was one year.

    I have no idea why he does not want to just hit liners and run. He would be more effective that way. It is probably an ego thing.

    I think Ruben can play a good ss. He will get better. I would not worry about defense with him. Obviously not as good as Jose, but more than adequate. The issue with him is the stick.

  6. If Reyes does sign with the Marlins the Mets will only get the Marlins second round pick instead of the 1st round pick because they pick 9th in the draft and that pick is protected (plus the supplemental round pick). I was hoping if Reyes does sign with another team it was with a team who does not have their first round pick protected. Having that extra first round pick would have been nice.

    The Marlins are being very aggressive. I was still thinking the Brewers and Tigers for Reyes. They are both teams built to win now.

  7. John,

    I did not mean to infer that Reyes is a HOF’er. What I meant was that the hole Tejada will need to fill is significant, as was the case when Bordick replaced Ripken. Reyes is a top tier SS in the field, and at that plate. To expect Tejada to replace that is foolish. Basically, Tejada is no closer to being able to repalce a Reyes than Bordick was to being able to replace Ripken.

    As for his not wanting to move to 2nd, why should he? The man played shortstop his entire life, and quite well. Moving him didn’t work out too well, did it?

    As for batting third, the man is a leadoff hitter. He has speed, which allows him to get on base with bloops and bunts. He then can use that speed for stolen bases (yeah, I know, he didn’t run a lot after he came back, perhaps because his leg still wasn’t 100%. Now, a selfish guy would have waited longer, but he came back because the team needed him, just like he did in past years).

    And for all the complaining folks do about his “uppercut swing”, if he moved to hitting 3rd, an RBI position, that is precisely what he would have to do, which we all know is what he should NOT do. Over the past few seasons, he has cut down on the homers, mostly due to his eschewing the uppercut (granted, he does have periodic slumps, but the duration has lessened.)

  8. 7)

    I think Keith hit third in the lineup and he was a line drive guy. I think the reasoning for Jose to bat third was he has power. Also he doesn’t walk a lot. There have been a ton of stats on the fact that his on base percentage is quite low for a leadoff guy.

    If you are third I think you need to be the best hitter on the team. That is not Jose.

    So I do not agree with placing him 3rd, but the coach was trying to figure out an effective lineup. I believe we had Luis on the team as well who could bat 1st or 2nd and that was it.

  9. Ed (7): I agree with you 100 percent that Reyes leaves a significant void, which we don’t know to what degree Tejada will fill. … You’re also right on the move to second and to third in the order, both instances where the Mets did wrong by Reyes. … I’m just saying he resented to the move and didn’t volunteer as some suggested. …. As far as batting third, I was totally against the premise and it was a significant contributor to Jerry Manuel’s downfall. … And, the team did him no favors by rushing him back. …. The perception is wrong that I dislike Reyes. That is far from the case. I have issues with him, but they are more along the lines of having greater expectations of him considering his talent. …. I would like to see Reyes back with the Mets, but I don’t believe it will happen and considering his injury history, I don’t believe this would be a good decision. … I appreciate your passion and what you’ve long brought to the blog and I value your support and hope you’ll continue reading even though we might not see eye to eye on everything. Best, JD.