The dealing has begun shaping market for Reyes; Mets miss out on pitching.

Jose Reyes has his first suitor and it isn’t the Mets. As suggested, the Miami Marlins spoke to Reyes, something we knew would happen once friend Hanley Ramirez said he’d be willing to move to third base from shortstop.

CABRERA: Does his trade lessens Giants' interest in Reyes?

Thoughts Ramirez would be wasted at third are nonsense, as his value to the Marlins is as an offensive force. The Mets made no overtures to Reyes during their exclusive negotiating window following the World Series, and aren’t expected to until they see how Reyes’ bidders set the market.

Reportedly, Reyes wants at least $100 million and six years. Sources with the Mets are saying they don’t want to go more than four years at around $18 million.

The Marlins want to move into their new stadium with an impact signing. They have some good, young pitching, but lack a proven leadoff hitter to set the table for Ramirez.

As I suggested, the Mets should view the Marlins and Washington as more a threat to snagging Reyes from them than the Phillies. However, even with the Marlins’ interest, it is premature to think he’s already looking for a home on the beach.

The market for Reyes hasn’t been clearly defined, but it might have started taking shape with San Francisco’s trade of left-hander Jonathan Sanchez to Kansas City for outfielder Melky Cabrera. It is speculated the Mets’ desire is to let others set the market and have Reyes potentially fall back to them at a lower price. This is what happened when they signed Francisco Rodriguez and traded for Johan Santana.

Adding Cabrera, who hit .305 with 201 hits last year, lessens the Giants’ need for a leadoff hitter. They still lack a shortstop, but are expected to make a run at Jimmy Rollins, who’ll cost them less than Reyes in terms of dollars and years.

Assuming the Giants are out, what is the market for Reyes?

The Red Sox and Yankees – the two biggest spenders in the game – don’t have a shortstop need, the Dodgers are in disarray and face an ownership change, and the Cubs are set at shortstop. The Brewers are reported to be interested and have the resources as they aren’t expected to re-sign Prince Fielder.

Detroit and the Angels are two other teams, linked to Reyes, so we’re not talking about a line of owners out the door waving their checkbooks. That’s what Mets GM Sandy Alderson is hoping will happen.

The Giants’ trade of Sanchez deprives the Mets of a reasonably priced starter. That they didn’t have the chips to compete for Sanchez also further illustrates how the Mets’ farm system remains thin and shouldn’t expect help from the minors for several years. With pitching the Mets’ priority, it is discouraging the small-market Royals had more to offer, especially with the free-agent market thin in starters.

Sanchez won 13 games for the Giants in 2010, when they won the World Series, but only went 4-7 with a 4.26 ERA this year, down numbers caused by biceps tendinitis and a sprained left ankle.


9 thoughts on “The dealing has begun shaping market for Reyes; Mets miss out on pitching.

  1. Sanchez had a decent 2010 campaign, other than that he has been below average. He came cheap and Cabrera is over his cheap years, Especially after a 200 hit season. As for Reyes and you assertion that the Mets arent being decisive, I totally disagree. They dont want him back. Its as easy as that.

  2. Ray (1): I concur, I don’t think the Mets really want Reyes back. I just want them to come out and say it and stop messing around. But, I know they won’t do that. They’ll play this out and give him a token offer he’ll reject. In the interim, I hope they don’t lose out on signing a player that could help them.-JD

  3. If the Mets do not want him back why would they come out and say it? They know many fans love this guy. Why would they gratuitously piss them off? Better to let things play out, make an offer and if he comes back great. If he goes somewhere else they can say they tried.

    Personally I would want him back as he makes the team stronger. I just would not throw money at him. If he doesn’t come back we will have to get a ss. I like Ruben, but would not bet the bank on him.

  4. If the Mets don’t want Reyes back then why keep Wright? If Reyes signs with another team ( which it is looking more and more like he is) why have Wright on a team that is clearly a team that will not make the playoffs next year and is a team in transition. Next season every player on the team should be on the trading block. Pelfrey, Pagan, Murphy, Wright etc. If any of these players are performing well next year I would hope they would be shopped. If Wright can bring back three good players in return it could speed the time frame up of when the Mets can come competitive again. The fans will not like it and I like Wright as much as the next person but I would rather win and turning over the roster may be the quickest way to do it. If that means not signing Reyes then so be it.

    It seems to me that Alderson has realized that this may take a little longer than he thought and he looked at the minor leagues and did not like a lot of what he saw.

  5. Melky Cabrera is coming off a career year.
    There is a reason he has been traded 3 times in the past 3 years. He is really not that good. Kudo’s to the Royals for trading high. Brian Sabean is not smart.
    Now the Royals need to trade Francouer.

  6. Glen (4): I see where they are linked. Moving on without Reyes is an admission they aren’t close to contention. I believe they are at least three years away from being a serious contender. Given that, it is easy to see him gone next. … No argument from me, there are no untouchables on the Mets.-JD