Back in the saddle; Mets aren’t.

Greetings folks.

I just got my power back this morning, but don’t have heat. Some kind of surge during the outage blew out the furnace and they aren’t coming until tomorrow. Shivering here, and not getting any warmer learning about the Mets’ offseason plans.

The difference between the Yankees and Mets surfaced again yesterday with the news the Yankees re-signed GM Brian Cashman and reached an agreement on an extension with pitcher C.C. Sabathia. That’s the agressive, proactive approach.

Meanwhile, Mets’ GM Sandy Alderson announced the fences would be moved in, but their exclusive negotiating rights with Jose Reyes would pass without the franchise making an offer. Alderson said this would be a “slow process.”

As I recently suggested, the Mets will let others define the market for Reyes with the hope the shortstop will find the options limited and he’ll opt to stay home. Cherry picking, they call it, and it worked in the trade for Johan Santana.

With big spenders in the Yankees and Red Sox seemingly out, the Cubs not needing a shortstop and their aim on Albert Pujols or Prince Fielder, and the Dodgers being a mess, the market is thinner than Reyes’ agent, Peter Greenberg, would like.

The Phillies – if they don’t re-sign Jimmy Rollins – San Francisco, the Angels and Washington are also reported as teams that might have an interest in Reyes. That’s a decidedly reactive approach, and further defines the comparison to the Yankees.

The likelihood of the Mets re-signing Reyes seems remote, so this might be their best chance to keep him because they won’t be the highest bidder.

The decision to move in the fences will probably cut down on the triples and increase home runs, and some will read this as an admission, or concession, they will lose their All-Star shortstop.

The decision has more to do with salvaging the contract of Jason Bay and reviving  David Wright’s career, which has shown a significant power decline the past three seasons.

Citi Field was designed for a team built on pitching, defense and speed, but the Mets have not added those kinds of players. At least, not enough of them.

I still believe that’s the most fundamental way to construct a team, but the Mets are a team in financial distress and are hoping an increase in home runs will make the cash registers ring.






4 thoughts on “Back in the saddle; Mets aren’t.

  1. Ah, the skankee way, bid more than 60 mil above the next suitor for CC, then give him an extension as he grow to the proportions of a small house. Arods signing? hows that looking? then theres Burnett, Igawa, Pavano and a host of other poor signings. When you have more money than king midas you can afford this kind of incompetence.

  2. Let Cashman stay. If they had a decent GM they would be unbeatable. Hey, Ive got an idea, lets keep Joba the hut and trade Kennedy away. Trying to outspend the yankees doesnt work. Just ask Omar.

  3. Ray (1-2): Don’t think Sabathia was a good decisiion. I would have let him go and used the money on somebody else. The point I was trying to make is the Yankees identified their priorities and acted aggressively, something I would have liked to see the Mets do.-JD

  4. What is wrong with CC?

    Has he declined from a few years ago?

    A few years ago he won for them. He is their horse.

    I understand the differences between the Mets and Yanks. Has their GM not done a good job for them? Yes there have been mistakes, but is it his fault or the owners?

    We have been decisive in the past, but most of the time it has been for the wrong reason. A few years ago we went out and got Bay. That turned out to be a bad decision. We got Pedro, Alou, etc. In the past 5 years how come we did not get a young good player outside of Beltran?

    We spend, but we mostly spend badly.

    The difference between us and the Yanks is
    1) When they make a mistake, they admit it and move on.
    2) Their drafting and development is better than ours. Our best young player over the past 5 years never played a full season at any level. Our Best player over the past 2 years was killed by the GM and the coach.