On the eve of the Series …. Alderson knew what he was getting into.

The drive to Ohio is long and tedious, much like a New York Mets summer the past three years. Went back home to visit my father, who was hospitalized, and apologize for the lapse in posts.

My mind was on other things.

I am anxious for the World Series to start, and I would like to see the Cardinals because that would complete one of the great comebacks in baseball history. The Cardinals have what it takes to complete history.

Either way, if the Rangers won, that would also be a compelling story, especially for Mets fans who still have a fondness for Nolan Ryan.

The Cardinals have the best pitcher and player in the Series in Chris Carpenter and Albert Pujols, plus the extra game at home. Both teams are sizzling at the right time.

In looking at the two teams, it is easy to see what separates them from the Mets, and, of course, you have to wonder how far our boys are away.

Both teams have a stud hitter in Pujols and Josh Hamilton, reliable starters in Carpenter and CJ Wilson, good bullpens and support throughout the batter orders.

The Mets have David Wright and Mike Pelfrey, holes in the order and are shambles in the bullpen and rotation. If everybody in the NL East stands pat, and you know they won’t, at best the Mets are fourth in the division.

Bringing back Jose Reyes won’t change that, either. So, it was interesting to read the ESPN report of Chip Hale’s assessment, and that of some NL scouts, on Ruben Tejada’s development.

One scout said Tejada is ready to play and the best decision for the Mets would be to plug him in, let Reyes go and spend the money patching their numerous pitching holes.

I’ve been saying that since the trade deadline.

It’s not that I dislike Reyes. To the contrary, he’s been one of my favorite Mets to deal with, but realistically, he has limitations and the team has other priorities. If Tejada was a lost cause, it might be different, but there is promise there.

The Cardinals and Rangers wouldn’t be here without Pujols and Hamilton, respectively. Reyes, and also Wright, don’t carry the same weight with the Mets.

At one time, Reyes and Wright represented the Mets’ core, but times have changed. The team has lost key complementary pieces while both players have declined and have had health issues.

Sandy Alderson was brought in here to rebuild this franchise, and it is becoming clearer that both Reyes and Wright or no longer cornerstones. Too bad, but that is the reality.

Another reality, is Alderson knew the guidelines when he took the job. Not much got by Alderson, if anything, when he was working in the commissioner’s office. He got the job on the strong recommendation of Bud Selig, so he had a strong sense of the Wilpon’s financial issues.

When he came here he said it would take time, rebuilding wouldn’t come over night and the Mets’ culture had to change. That would include handing out massive contracts.

That is why I would be shocked if Reyes was brought back, wouldn’t be surprised if Wright isn’t dealt, and why the team would love to cut ties with Johan Santana and Jason Bay.

We knew 2011 and 2012 would be written off, and we wouldn’t have a clearer idea of the future until 2013 at the earliest.

3 thoughts on “On the eve of the Series …. Alderson knew what he was getting into.

  1. The problem is, if you let Jose go, and trade Wright, you doom this team to the cellar for YEARS. Not one, not two, but more. Why? Because as nice as Tejada looked in spurts, he is still young, and could use more seasoning. Because as nice a Murphy looks in small doses, be still is not a good fielder, and still has yet to prove his hitting will stand for a full season.
    I have no problem if they were to find some way to get rid of Bay, and possibly Santana (though of course both would wind up finding their form once they left, we all know this will happen).
    What I can’t wait for is how the media will KILL Alderson next season if Jose signs elsewhere, and he plays 140+ games, with a 390 OBP and 35 steals, while Tejada hits about 270, with a 320 OBP and has numerous slumps. All who called for him to leave will forget all that, and complain that Sandy should have traded him during this past season, when most said they could not. And the sheeple will bleat the same. And I will laugh, and be sad. Laugh at them, and be sad that they let Jose go. Sad that I will not be able to enjoy watching him play the game.

  2. Ed

    I hear what you are saying and you are probably right about the fans.

    Reyes is a special player when he is on and healthy. However he has not played 140 games in 4 years. The past two has been about 130 which is ok, but if you are paying someone that kind of money you want to see him on the field. Look at Johan. He is still a very good pitcher. But he has been injured and so the question becomes is he worth the money? A pitcher who cannot last may help you win enough games to get you in the post season but then you get stuck.

    Look at Pedro. In oh 6 he helped us get there, but he could not help us win in the end and we lost. He was our best pitcher and he couldn’t do it in the end.

    I think John is right. If you want a good team let us try and get Jose. But if it is for too much money and too many years we need to fix the team and let him go. He has proven to be injury prone his whole career. He still has hammy issues which perhaps that is what you live with when you have a high performance sports car. But if you have it then you have to accept that he will not always be there. Maybe as a fan you just make excuses. If only he was healthy… We have said that for years.

    If only Pedro was healthy. If only Alou was healthy. If only Delgado was healthy. If only Johan was healthy. etc.

    Wright is no better. He has never been a clutch player in my book. Maybe he has matured, but it seems to me that we rode Delgado and not Beltran and Wright. I think Beltran can deal with the pressure now. In the past few years he has not had protection and seemed to do ok.

    Wright just strikes out. He wants to hit homers and gets frustrated when he can’t. He swings at too many pitches and regularly throws the ball away. He is a good player. Even a very good player. But he is not a clean up hitter. He needs someone else to take the spotlight. And he just kills too many rally’s.

    Yes Jose, David and Johan are our best players, but none of them are studs. Johan is aging and his body is wearing on him. He knows how to win and is still very effective, but his body is failing. Jose and David have never had the will that Johan has.

    At this point none of these players will take you to the World Series. They can be part of the solution, but they will not carry you there. David can’t do it because he cannot take the pressure. Jose may not be able to do it because of who he is. He is the first player in the lineup and has a great arm, but if he gets on base and the people behind do not drive him in there is no score. Johan will keep you in the game, but may not win against a top notch #1 pitcher. Can he go out there in the post season every 3 days and give you 7/8 innings? I don’t know.

    Alderson needs to fix the team. We have many holes. Jose and David are not enough although they can be part of the solution. In the end it is a numbers game and it starts with pitching which we do not have.

  3. Ed (1): Great to see you online again. You’ve stopped by over the years and I appreciate that support beginning from when I worked at the paper. … You can’t make the assumption this team will be doomed if Reyes leaves and Wright is traded, at least not until we know who the Mets sign (with the money saved from Reyes) and get back from Wright. … Yes, it is a given Alderson would be roasted if Reyes leaves and has an All-Star season. That’s a given. But, again, until we know what the Mets do in response we can’t assume what will happen. What we can assume, is things won’t be different if Reyes stays and little is added.-JD