What will be Mets’ splash?

Let’s not kid ourselves, the Mets won’t be players for any of the big-ticket free agents, perhaps even their own in Jose Reyes. The top pitching free agent is the Rangers’ CJ Wilson, whom the Yankees have their sights on and don’t we already know¬†which New York team he’d choose? It’s always that way, isn’t it?

The Mets say they have the resources, but even after positive news on the legal-financial front, there’s been nothing from GM Sandy Alderson saying they’ll spend. He said they have the money to compete for Reyes, but to add little else, and with a myriad of needs and David Wright’s contract to be an issue soon, there’s not much light ahead.

It’s not comforting when the outfield dimensions and the search for a bench coach is what appears to be what passes for off-season news. On one hand, there’s a sense of comfort Alderson being up-front in pretty much saying “don’t expect much,” but on the other there’s uneasiness in knowing that’s where the Mets stand.

What we do know is the Phillies will be angry and will spend as they always do; Atlanta is always trying to improve; the Marlins will spend to try to make a splash heading into their new stadium; and the Nationals have shown a willingness to write checks.

The Mets? Well, they said they want to cut payroll by as much as $30 million. Kind of makes you want to run out and buy season-tickets now, right?

8 thoughts on “What will be Mets’ splash?

  1. I think every ball club should cut. when it comes to sports. there should be a salary cap. It is ridiculous that these guys make more than fireman and cops (for the most part)
    i think getting shot at or running into an inferno deserves some of the salaries these ball players get. That is just me.

    The Marlins may pay for the new field. but once that is over they will rebuild for less as they always do.

    The Mets need to get rid of teh wilpons. they are poor have no real liquid money. just like Trump. they are living off the name and their lover Selig.

  2. Steve C (1): I don’t agree with you on a salary cap. A major problem is many of the lower revenue teams take the money from revenue sharing and put it in their pockets as opposed to putting it back into the teams. … You’re probably right about the Marlins cutting back after this year. … I know what you mean about ownership, but you know it isn’t happening.-JD

  3. John, I’m just not thrilled with this free agent class. Outside of Fielder and Pujols, who is really getting you excited. CJ Wilson’s the best pitcher available and there’s going to be some crazy money thrown at him, but he’s no ace.

    I’d rather just continue fixing the problems we have and evaluating our current talent and maybe next year go after someone like Matt Kemp or Josh Johnson.

  4. QUite simply, there really isn’t anything out there to cause a splash.
    Signing Fielder or Pujols isn’t an option, because of the cost. Regardless of whether the amount the mets spend is being cut or not, I’ve read a lot here and elswhere about how the Mets shouldn’t be tying up a significant amount of their money in only 4 or 5 guys. How would signing one of those 2, or a Wilson, fit into that? Unless it is more a matter of that money shouldn’t be tied up on a guy like Reyes?
    And why does Wright’s contract become an issue if the team should be able to spend more than is expected?
    Sometimes I think the media comes out with a line of thought, and then twists themselves into knots trying to keep that line in place, while also advocating something that is against that line of thought.

    Bottom line is this, many teams, no matter the payroll, have large chunks tied up in a few players. The issue is more a matter of how wisely was that money spent. the mets got unlucky with Santana getting injured, and Bay suddenly losing his abilities.

    Look at the Yankees. They have significant dollars tied up in AJ, ARod, Tex, Jeter, Sabathia, Rivera. How are those deals going to look in a couple of years (though AJ will be gone like Ollie)?
    Red Sox have similar issues.
    The brewers will have money tied up in braun, grienke.
    Florida with their pitching.

    This isn’t a Mets issue only.

  5. Ed (4): You are absolutely correct in saying this isn’t just a Mets’ issue. Every team has issues, but some are better equipped to handle them. … I believe Wright is connected to Reyes in some degree. If Alderson is saying there’s little money after Reyes, which is the impression, could it mean the Mets would be more willing to move Wright? That’s a possibility they’ll have to face.-JD

  6. John
    The problem with trading Wright is who replaces him?
    And please, let’s not say Daniel Murphy. If we are going to have complaints about Jose being injury prone, why not say the same about Daniel (or Wright for that matter, he’s missed some time the past couple of years).
    Wright and Reyes are very talented players, who are still young. Throw in Davis and Tejada, you ahve a nice mix of veterans and youth in the infield.
    The problem is the outfield, where you have Bay taking up significant budget dollars. Then you have to be concerned with Center (Pagan? Someone else?) and Duda (sorry, I am not sold on Lucas yet, plus, I worry about his defense).
    When we get to the rotation, Santana ties up a lot of cash, for a couple of more seasons. Behind him, Dickey is a nice #3, as are Niese and Gee. Pelfrey, assuming he is offered arbitration, will be back. Then the pen, where you have a lot of pieces, who do not make up a great pie (I’m about finished with Parnell and Carasco).
    I’d be inclined to keep Reyes and Wright, and wait for Familia, Wheeler, Harvey in the next couple of years (and possibly Mejia).
    If you get rid of Wright and Reyes, you make the rebuild that much harder. It isn’t easy to find plus players at those two positions at their ages. Just look at how many 3rd basemen and shortstops the Mets went through in the years before they came.

    Frankly, I see Reyes and Wright paying off better in the long run than Santana (and I loved the Santana trade at the time, who knew that he would get hurt?) or Bay (who I thought was grossly overpaid, though I did not think he would be this bad).

    That being said, I don’t think either of them deserve $20 million + per season (unless David suddenly starts hitting over 310, with a 380 OPS and hitting 30+ HR’s again and Jose keeps up his average, adds some more walks and hits 15 + hr’s).

    Good teams build with a mix of veterans and youth, allowing for a somewhat higher payroll due to a few players taking up a large percentage. Being in NY, this team should be able to afford at least $120 million the next couple of years. Davis and others are a few years from a big payoff. As time goes on, replacements can be found for Bay, Santana, etc. Build the bullpen on the cheap, sign reserves wisely (please, no more Hairston or Harris), trade when you can using some of the minor league depth that is slowly being built. That is the path even numbers guys like Sandy, Riccardi and DePodesta have followed. They only trade veterans when they have in-house replacements who can match (or at least come close) to what is being given up, or get the replacement back in the trade.

  7. I agree with Ed in that if I were GM, I would wait for my pitchers to develop.

    Recent history suggests you can’t get much in free agency and we are hurting pretty bad at pitching.

    The OF depends on Pagan. How is he? Will he be hurt? Will he play like 2 years ago?
    I am ok with Bay. At least in the field. His bat just sucks. Duda I like. He is cheap and wants to play. Plus he potentially adds pop that this team needs.

    If Ike and Murphy come back fine and we resign Jose we have a decent offense. We need to develop OF’s of which we do not have much. We also need to keep drafting top pitchers.

    I wonder what is happening with that LI kid from a few years ago.