Interesting how October is shaping up.

The networks must be loving baseball’s final four of Milwaukee, St. Louis, Texas and Detroit. Their thinking, of course, is any LCS without the Yankees and Red Sox, or a Chicago or Los Angeles team, can’t be worth watching.

Actually, I tend to root for the match-ups the networks least want to see.

FIELDER: Looking out the door.

I don’t care either way that the Yankees and Phillies are done. I realize many Mets’ fans were thrilled to see them lose, and I understand the initial burst of joy, but does it really matter? Is that what you’re going to take from the season?

Who cares what those teams do? Savoring them lose is admitting to an inferiority complex. The Mets have enough on their plate for their fans to worry about what the Yankees did.

After all, it doesn’t change what happened to the Mets. For a while, it looked as if the Mets would overachieve, but they finished as expected. I was thinking .500, which would have represented significant improvement – I never imagined the playoffs – and for a period they were fun to watch.

But, talent seeks its level and the Mets did what most of us thought they would.

I am ambivalent as to who wins, but I’m cool on the Brewers. For a team that hasn’t won anything, their act is tiresome.

I get a kick out of how Prince Fielder points to the crowd whenever he does something. This is the same crowd he can’t wait to abandon, right?

Speaking of Fielder, the Mets should be thinking NO. It’s not as if Fielder isn’t superior to Ike Davis, but he’s another Mo Vaughn in waiting. He’s an offensive force now, but his body type is one to balloon and I can see him putting on a ton of weight after he gets his payday and eventually breaking down.

At least Jose Reyes wouldn’t comment on his free-agency during the season, but Fielder can’t seem to wait to get out of town.

There’s absolutely no comparison between him and Albert Pujols. But, the Mets won’t go after him, either. I believe he’ll stay in St. Louis and Fielder will bolt Milwaukee for the Cubs.

It’s nice to see a team like Milwaukee do well after years of mediocrity, but Nyjer Morgan makes it difficult to root for the Brewers.

Exuberance? Who are you kidding? When he was being mobbed by his teammates after delivering the game-winning hit against Arizona, he had to struggle to get up so he could run into the open field and flex and pump his fists and draw the cameras to him. It’s like most NFL players who celebrate sacks and five-yard receptions for first downs.

Why didn’t he run into the stands like he was a Packer doing the Lambeau Leap?

Morgan’s act of being loud and obnoxious got tired in Washington and Pittsburgh, and it is the same in Milwaukee.

Morgan knew the cameras and a live mike were on him when he dropped those F-bombs. He has no class, reminiscent of guys like Carl Everett and Milton Bradley.

If they win, the Cardinals would be the most compelling story of the post season. Being down that far and overtaking the Braves for the wild card is one of the great comebacks in history. That is always an interesting, even if it involves Tony La Russa.

So far, the most meaningful image of the postseason in relation to the Mets was Ryan Howard going down with an Achilles injury. The Phillies have pitching, but their offense snoozed in the NLDS, and with Howard out indefinitely and Jimmy Rollins possibly leaving, who can’t see them trying to make a splash by signing Reyes?

They have the money and need for offense, so it makes sense. Reyes-Shane Victorino-Chase Utley would make for a dynamic top of the order. I know you don’t want to hear it, but even in your worst nightmares you know it could happen. They would miss Howard’s power, but in that park Reyes could be good for 20.

However, nothing in the playoffs can touch what’s happening in Boston for riveting off-season drama. Talk about a dysfunctional group. It is a shame some in the organization hung Terry Francona out to dry by talking about his marriage and suggesting his abilities were impaired by prescription painkillers.

Interesting one of the in-game partying pitchers was John Lackey. Remember all those people who were saying the Mets should go after him?

If you are supposedly a stud pitcher and your own team doesn’t try hard to keep you – in this case, the Angels – that should tell you something.

Every year it is the same in the postseason. Some favorites fade and there are underdogs. There’s a myriad of story lines until there’s a defining moment in the World Series that takes us into winter.


6 thoughts on “Interesting how October is shaping up.

  1. nice outlook on the situation.
    I for one do not want a repeat of NO Vaugn.
    talk about a no show job he had. wow.
    what the Mets need is a new owner. and for Selig to divorce himself from the Wilpons.
    and we need a new pitching coach.
    and that’s all i have to say about that … 😉

  2. I haven’t watched much of the post season. I noticed the Yanks lost in the same way I noticed the Phils were out.

    As for Morgan this is the new age. In the old age he would have a 90MPH fastball aimed at his chin. That would stop the theater.

    I don’t want fielder. I rather have Ike. I can see your scenario of Jose in Philly.

    I caught the drama that is the Red Sox. Sad.

  3. 2. there’s a post season? i didnt know. with the Mets out I figured that was the end of baseball 😉