Bay not going anywhere.

In ticking off the Mets’ priorities for the offseason, getting rid of Jason Bay isn’t on the list, regardless of how much they’d like to shed the balance of his $66 million contract.

BAY: He's staying.

It’s amusing to hear those who said the Mets should trade, or even release the high-priced and low-achieving left fielder.

After two non-productive seasons and $16 million due him each of the next two years – plus a $17 million option or a $3 million buyout – just who is lining up to trade for him?

And, considering how the Mets do business, you know they aren’t going to eat $35 million. Bay is here for the duration.

Whether it was trying to make a splash in the first year of Citi Field, or yielding to public opinion to add more power, the Mets clearly made the wrong decision with Bay.

And, it’s not second guessing either, because they knew Citi Field’s dimensions and their stated objective was to build with pitching, defense and speed. Bay has played better defense than expected, but he’s still not the player to take the Mets to the next level.

The Mets are now considering altering Citi Field’s dimensions to better accommodate Bay and David Wright. No doubt, their intent is to try to salvage something out of Bay’s contract because he isn’t going anywhere.

Much like it was with Oliver Perez, the Mets are saddled with a bad contract and hoping for the best. The only value Bay has to the Mets is the hope he pulls it together.

Not exactly a position of strength.


2 thoughts on “Bay not going anywhere.

  1. We ate Ollie’s contract and much of KRod’s. It is not inconceivable that something happens with Bay.

    If the OF gets crowded for some reason I can see that happening. Addition by subtraction. I think he is a good guy and tries, but as you say, huge money, huge expectations and no production.

    I get the feeling Citi will get smaller because of Bay and David. If we are smart we get rid of David. If he cannot do 100 RBI’s and strikes out like he does he is not a franchise player. He is a liability at third. There is a more productive use of $$ than spending it on him.

  2. I get the feeling Citi gets smaller because , lets face it, its HUGE, compared to every other ball field. I am shocked they just didnt make it 500 ft a nice even number.. come one you can run 3-500 feet to catch a ball going i dont know 80 miles an hour?