Don’t expect much this winter.

Sandy Alderson said not to expect the Mets to spend much for than $5 million last winter and he held true to his word, and still they paid out $147 million in salaries this summer. He just said the payroll will probably not be much more than $120 million next year, and that’s after taking Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo off the books and not picking up the option on Carlos Beltran.

Alderson said there’s money to re-sign Jose Reyes, but strongly suggested the Mets won’t be able to do much more than him, and this is a team with a multitude of holes, most of them pitching.

The free-agent market has several marquee names, but outside of Reyes, they won’t be big players, and current indications the Mets won’t bust a gut on their shortstop. They’ll make an offer that won’t be accepted, Reyes won’t give the Mets a hometeam discount and he’ll be gone.

There’s also a new Collective Bargaining Agreement to be negotiated, and don’t expect any big spending before then. There are a lot of pending issues and unique financial circumstances surrounding this team.

I’ve been following the Mets long enough to realize nothing with them ever gets done easily and this winter won’t be an exception.

One thought on “Don’t expect much this winter.

  1. The good news for the Mets if you consider it good is it looks like the Mets owners wont get killed over the Maddoff investments.

    This allows them to keep the team. Since the team has been mismanaged for a log time we have half the salary going to 3 players all of whom have issues.

    1) Bay – Don’t need to say anything about him.
    2) Johan – coming off major surgery. We will be lucky if he is league avg next year.
    3) Wright – a strikeout machine who has major problems fielding his position. He lost his power. A player who was traded away halfway into the season holds the team records for HR’s and RBI’s.

    But our biggest problem is pitching. Our best pitcher Dickey was 4th on the team with wins and could only manage 8 wins.

    We need to improve the rotation. Only one player was able to last 200 innings and that is Dickey. We need our pitchers to consistently go 7 innings. If we cannot do that our pen cracks and we lose.

    It is as simple as that.