Thanks Joe; Sorry Jose.

First, I’d like to thank Joe D. for his earlier posting this afternoon. Joe and I will be working more and more in the future, adding to each other’s blogs. I’m very happy to be affiliated with him and hope he feels the same.

REYES: Shortchanged everybody today.

We’re working on a lot of things and hope you enjoy them over the coming weeks as the offseason progresses.

The offseason’s biggest issue will be the decision to re-sign Jose Reyes.

The Mets won their season finale, but even should he hold on to win the batting title tonight over Ryan Braun, as far as I’m concerned he’s a loser in my book. To pull himself after one at-bat, and a bunt single no less, was bush.

Ted Williams did it the right way when he became the last player to hit over .400. Reyes was merely protecting a .335 average. Big deal. He should have done it the right way and played the whole game, if for no other reason, then reward the fans who have been cheering him all these years.

Sorry, I can’t feel good for Reyes and how he handled things. And, he certainly didn’t do anything to garner respect around the league and among his fans. His teammates didn’t say anything, then again, did you expect them, too?

Real weak, Jose. Real weak, Jose. I thought you were classier than that.


5 thoughts on “Thanks Joe; Sorry Jose.

  1. I tell myself that what Reyes did is no big deal but I can’t seem to convince myself. Would it really have hurt if he lost the title? Would any team suddenly decided to offer him less money?

    Joe DiMaggio used to say that he didn’t hot .400 in 1939 because manager Joe McCarthy insisted that he didn’t want any “Cheese Champions”. Joe D was hitting .401 in mid September and apparently was not quite feeling right. He finished at .381. But how many players end up as revered for decades after they retire like Williams and DiMaggio?

  2. I agree.

    If you are playing the game, play the game. Don’t get a hit and retire.

    Man up.

    That said, a year from now no one will remember or care. In his negotiations for a new contract the chip will be he got the batting title, not that he got one hit and left the game.

    In the end it is a choice, it is about integrity.

  3. how the mighty fall. typical of the infection that has festered in the clubhouse the last 5 years. Seems like the only players that really play for the fans are bay/wright/pagan/tejada etc..

    Reyes and a few dont seem to get it. oh well..

  4. Yeah, Reyes didn’t play for the fans. He didn’t come back even though his hammy wasn’t right. Or did he only do that because he wanted a contract? It is hard to keep track of the narrative.

    Frankly, there is a good portion of the fan base who doesn’t deserve Jose as a Met.

    Question, where is the outrage when the Yanks don’t use their closer against the Rays the other night in a game that had playoff implications for 2 teams?

    Guy got a hit and wanted to do something that the Mets had never had, win a batting title. Quit whining about “he didn’t play the game right”. That’s bs.