Reyes: A parting gift?

What we’ve never seen from the Mets has been a batting title winner, and Jose Reyes is leading by micro-percentage points. Undoubtedly, a feel good story for the Mets would be for him to win the tile and announce he’s staying.

It would give us a fresh feel and sense of optimism heading into winter, which for the Mets is two days away.

But, I┬ácan’t help but think Reyes winning the title will be a paring gift before he hits free agency. For an organization whose history has been tumultuous – some would even say cursed at times – it seems fitting.

In a roundabout way it would be like Tom Seaver, David Cone, Nolan Ryan and Dwight Gooden throwing their no-hitters as ex-Mets.

Part of me doesn’t want to see Reyes win the title and flaunt it in another uniform, but another part of me knows Mets history well enough to think that will be the case.



4 thoughts on “Reyes: A parting gift?

  1. I want Jose to win the title.

    I don’t know if he will be back. A part of me wants him to stay. A part would be resigned to him leaving.

    It is a cost issue. He will undoubtedly command a lot of $$. Since Freddy and baby Fred are determined to have a payroll of $200k how can we afford him and also field a professional team?

    we have a lot of money attached to Johan, Jason, David already for next year. We got rid of KRod and do not recall if we will be paying Ollie – the best young potential pitcher on the market – or not.

    I understand and agree with the assessment that Jose will decline with age. That giving him a rich 6 year contract will be ok for the first 2 or 3 years, but we will regret it on the back end. Kind of like our experience with Johan, Pedro and others.

  2. We need a batting title from Reyes to offset the disappointment of being eliminated from the race for third place by the Gnats.

  3. dave (1): Reyes is a risk, especially on the back end on this deal. He had breakdowns this year, and in previous seasons. Honestly, do you think he’ll stay sound during this next contract? I doubt it. Especially on the back end of the deal. Sure, a Met winning the batting title would be nice, , but it would be bittersweet were he to leave.-JD