Nice cooperation.

The decision by the Mets to exercise their territorial rights and reject the Yankees’ request to move their farm team to Newark for one season seems childish and petty. As if any self-respecting Mets fan from New Jersey will all of a sudden follow the Newark team.

The Mets aren’t losing any fans from Jersey, and if by chance some do defect, the number will be so small it wouldn’t matter.

I would think after another losing season, and their marquee player on the verge of leaving, attendance sliding and the financial problems with their ownership that the Mets have better things to worry about.

Yes, the decision was within their rights, but that doesn’t mean it was the right thing to do. It was childish and petty, and violates the sense of cooperation that should exist between the two franchises.

There will be a time when the Mets will need for the Yankees to throw them a bone and they won’t get it. And, it would serve them right.

3 thoughts on “Nice cooperation.

  1. You would know better than I, but do they usually cooperate on these things?

    They compete for the same $$.

    A fan would not jump ship, but I would posit that most people who watch or go to the game are not fans. They are customers who watch a baseball game.

    How many Yankee fans were there in the 80’s when they sucked and the Mets were good? How do the number of fans compare to a few years later when the Mets sucked and the Yanks were good?

    My point is the paying public are entertainment customers and blow with the wind.

    It may also be that Fred is not a gracious owner and is being rude.

    • dave (1): They say they are in cooperation for the same dollar, but that’s not true. A Yankee fan spends his money in the Bronx while a Mets fan spends his money at Citi Field. You’re either going to watch on SNY or YES. Maybe, an on-the-fence fan might go either way, but I think that’s a small percentage of the New York baseball fans’ spending dollar.-JD

  2. Sounds like the Wilpons have managed to outdo Selig and Torre hatgate in classless, bonehead moves. Maybe if it was permanent they might have a case but for only one year?

    I remember the Nelson Doubleday “get Piazza” conversation with Mike and the Mad Dog back in 1998. Doubleday specifically said there was little overlap between Mets and Yankee fans for the entertainment dollar.

    Better to do the Yankees and Newark a favor and subtly let them know they owe you a favor if the need arises.