No answers from here on out.

With the Mets out of contention awhile ago, it was hoped September would be the month where some 2012 answers could be found. It has not turned out that way.

GEE: Rocky finish to a good year.

Only .500 remains, but the Mets must run the table for that to occur, and that would mean nine straight against Cardinals, Phillies and Reds. They couldn’t win nine straight against their own minor league system.

The one slot where it was hoped could be definitive was the closer role, but Bobby Parnell has spit the bit. He’ll get another chance in spring training, that is, unless the Mets sign a qualified, veteran closer, but that would require some spending. That’s not going to happen, either.

Ruben Tejada has played well, but not well enough to see if he will be able to assume Jose Reyes’ role. We might never know that answer.

The only comfort I see has been Lucas Duda in right. So far, he’s fielded the position cleanly, but we need a full year at the plate and in the field to see for sure. And, there are usually hills and valleys in the first year as a starter.

I like how R. A. Dickey is finishing, and Chris Capuano and Dillon Gee pitched well enough this year to warrant a chance in next year’s rotation. Gee, however, is struggling, with his ERA jumping nearly a run a game over his last ten starts.

There’s too many unanswered questions Sandy Alderson must spend the winter trying to answer. There are holes in the rotation that can’t be masked by a thin bullpen. There’s a lack of power from David Wright and Jason Bay. Angel Pagan has regressed. There’s nothing that suggests Johan Santana will make it back.

There’s also no indication the Mets will be a heavy player to retain Reyes.




8 thoughts on “No answers from here on out.

  1. Mets are in a desperate battle for third with the Gnats and can help our enemies of the 1990s Atlanta by defeating our enemies of the 1980s St Louis.

    Sad our baseball summers have sunk to this.

  2. I think some questions have been answered this year. Ike is the real deal. He has to come back from injury, but he is no fluke. Duda looks like a nice piece for the team. He gives us a nice cheap bat in the lineup.

    Pagan is a very replaceable player. He can field the position and hit ok, but by no means is he our CF for the next 4 years.

    Bay was a bad signing.

    Pelfrey is a #4 pitcher.

    Parnell is not our closer for next year.

    When Jose plays well the team plays well.

    We still have a lot of questions on the team and need to improve in many areas. Most important is pitching. To win we need a better rotation. To win we need a better bullpen.

    This team has played well for the new coach. Hopefully they can play hard for him next year too.

  3. I was looking at DWright’s numbers

    Over the past 3 years he has had 2 years with less than 80 RBI’s. That is terrible for our ‘young’ power hitter/face of the franchise.

    I wonder if he finishes his career here.

  4. time will tell. what would turn this team around is if the wilpons had the team pulled from under them. why selig loves them is beyond me.. the 1 horn should take the team.

  5. Dan (1): It is sad. It doesn’t seem long ago I was in Shea during the 2006 playoffs making flight reservations for the World Series. Things were so promising then.-JD

  6. dave (2): I would hope Davis and Duda are the real deal, but I need to see more, and I need to see Davis healthy. If they are for real, that’s a good starting point.

    That would be even more promising if David Wright weren’t in such a tailspin. He hasn’t been the same since he was beaned by Matt Cain and you have to wonder if he’ll ever be a dominant force again. Next year is pivotal for him.-JD

  7. john(7)/Steve(4)

    That is a pipe dream. Unfortunately we are stuck with dumb and dumber leading the team.

    We actually have a GM, but I wonder how long that will last.