Collins: Mets packed it in.

Terry Collins ripped into his lethargic team when he said they folded it up last night against Washington.

Harsh, but true. And very much deserved.

For much of this season the Mets played alert and aggressive baseball, and although they are under talented, they gave us a reason to watch. There were a lot of comeback victories this summer; and some blown games, also.

Still, they played with some pride.

However, there’s been a lethargy surrounding the Mets this month and the latter part of August. Playing for .500 should have been a worthwhile and attainable goal, not a useless consolation prize.

If the manager said his team folded, then he should know best. He claimed responsibility and he bears some, but he’s not solely to blame. These are professional athletes, and many of them don’t have guaranteed positions.

There are two weeks remaining in the 2011 season, but the players should be thinking these couple of weeks is an audition for 2012.

Collins is right about one thing, and that is if they are quitting now, then they’ll quit next year. And, who needs that?


One thought on “Collins: Mets packed it in.

  1. Yes. They have quite before. Notably a few years ago when in the drivers seat and mailed it in in September to miss the playoffs.