Wouldn’t mind seeing Izzy back.

Jason Isringhausen told ESPN he’d like to pitch next year, and I’m all for giving him a one-year deal. Nothing longer. Isringhausen pitched well enough to warrant attention from teams looking for a veteran presence in the bullpen, but I don’t see anybody,┬áthe Mets included, signing him strictly as a closer.

IZZY: A case for bringing him back.

However, he showed the capability of getting the job done when he had to. Isringhausen saved seven games after Francisco Rodriguez was traded, and overall showed his fastball still has some life with 44 strikeouts in 46 innings.

The Mets are hoping Bobby Parnell will win the job, but he’s far from a certainty. There’s nobody else that jumps out, either. I don’t believe Isringhausen has enough left in the tank to be a fulltime closer, but he’s a great influence to have in what figures to be a young, and likely, inexperienced bullpen, next season. Parnell could do a lot worse than having Isringhausen around as his mentor. So could most everybody else in what has arguably been one of the Mets’ signature weaknesses this season.

The Mets exceeded expectations this year and should take another step in 2012. Isringhausen could get some attention from contenders, but his biggest influence still could come in Flushing. I am all for giving young guys a shot, but I’m against cutting loose veterans who still have something to offer. It’s not as if the Mets’ bullpen is loaded with fireballing, young arms with pinpoint control.

The bullpen can be a chatty place, and relief pitching is one position on a team most ripe for a younger player soaking up information regarding pitch selection, location, how to work to various hitters, and to retain one’s composure.

The man must know something with 300 career saves. Conversely, Parnell doesn’t even have 180 career innings pitched.





5 thoughts on “Wouldn’t mind seeing Izzy back.

  1. Yeah. I would have him back. I read a few articles in the spring how he was a hothead as a 20 year old. Took him a long time to get wise.

    He could be a good tutor for Bobby. Perhaps convince him that throwing harder isn’t always better.

  2. I have said this before. I do not feel that Warthen knows how to help young players.
    it shows every game for the last how many years ?

    • Steve C (3): I’m torn on this. On one hand, there was Mike Pelfrey this year, but there’s Pelfrey of 2011. Jon Niese has done well at times. I’ve seen little progress with Bobby Parnell. He should be brought back, so we’ll have another year to evaluate him.-JD