The need to ride this out with Parnell

Tbe Mets were hot on this date in 1974 as Ray Sadecki beat the Cubs for their seventh straight victory and tenth in their last 11 games.

Then Bobby Parnell coughed it up the next day in the ninth inning at Washington. Ooops, that was last night.  Another in a long line of excruciating defeats this season. And another kick in the gut after a hot stretch.

With the season lost, we’re just trying to find things to hold onto over the winner and Parnell, as the closer, isn’t providing us with the warm and fuzzies.

Parnell has the best stuff, but stuff is useless if you don’t know how to use it. They are searching for answers younger than Jason Isringhausen, and the Mets are hoping Parnell will win the job.

Let’s face it, there’s really nobody else on the current staff that is inspiring.

Confidence is a fragile thing for a closer, and Parnell’s over the past few years has been like china. Jerry Manuel gave up on Parnell as a starter in a lost September after a handful of starts, but at the time Manuel – and rightfully so – was worried about his job and needed every win he could get. Terry Collins isn’t in the same position, so I’m hoping he’ll ride with Parnell to see how he rebounds.

A pat on the back is essential for his development at this stage.


5 thoughts on “The need to ride this out with Parnell

  1. I’m all for trying out a young pitcher at closer, however I don’t think Parnell is the right guy. I think Pedro Beato would be a much better closer.
    Look at some of this year’s stats of Parnell and Beato:

    Bobby Parnell-
    ERA: 4.18
    H per 9 inn: 9.9
    Opponents BA with RISP: .299
    Hitters leading off an inning: .310 BA
    Opponents BAA in tie game or 1-R game:.327

    Pedro Beato-
    ERA: 3.90
    H per 9 inn: 7.2
    Opponents BA with RISP: .255
    Hitters leading off an inning:.204 BA
    Opponents BAA in tie game or 1-R game: .224

    There are some aspects of Parnell that are better than Beato. He DOES have better stuff, but as you said JD- “…stuff is useless if you don’t know how to use it.”
    I am actually a fan of Parnell. I just wouldn’t trust him to be my full-time closer. He should be a setup man or middle reliever, but nothing more than that.

  2. The Mets havent had a good closer in a few decades if you ask me. oh wait. i lie. we had one and M&M treated him like dirt and now another team has him and I bet TC would love to have been able to keep him.

  3. I think it is a good thing to baby Parnell for this year.

    As you say maybe he will grow into it. I don’t know if he has a secondary pitch or not, but a changeup would be great with a 100mph fastball.