Santana to play winter ball? Irene washes away weekend.

GM Sandy Alderson said the Mets are considering the instructional league and winter ball for Johan Santana, whose rehab had a setback a couple of weeks ago.

Alderson said it is possible Santana could get another rehab start at St. Lucie, but offered no promises.

The Mets must be prudent with Santana. He’s already had one setback, and another could derail his comeback permanently.

Not that they had much choice with mass transit shutting down Saturday afternoon because of Hurricane Irene, but the Mets rescheduled their games for Saturday and Sunday as part of a single admission doubleheader, Sept. 8.

However, tonight’s game is still on, with Chris Capuano starting against Tim Hudson.

Jason Bay was scratched with a jammed right shoulder.

Here’s tonight’s lineup:

Angel Pagan, CF

Ruben Tejada, SS

David Wright, 3B

Lucas Duda, RF

Nick Evans, 1B

Josh Thole, C

Justin Turner, 2B

Jason Pridie, LF

Chris Capuano, LP


3 thoughts on “Santana to play winter ball? Irene washes away weekend.

  1. Johan eventually needs work. I do agree that the Mets have a history of destroying their talent needlessly.

    I hope Johan gets better and helps next year, but I have to think there is a good chance he does not.

  2. doubleheader was played decently. Parnell almost blew the save for dickey which would have been terrible.
    luckily he straightened out.
    some really good plays by tejada. he is starting to season as a player..