August 22 lineup at Philly

It’s always interesting when the Mets play the Phillies, but unfortunately since the teams are at the opposite end of the spectrum there’s little steam to the rivalry.

The Mets make their final trip to Philly beginning tonight, with Dillon Gee going against Cliff Lee.

Here’s the Mets’ batting order:

Angel Pagan, CF

Justin Turner, 2B

David Wright, 3B

Jason Bay, LF

Lucas Duda, 1B

Scott Hairston, RF

Ronny Paulino, C

Ruben Tejada, SS

Dillon Gee, RP

Comments: Once again, Lucas Duda is at first base instead of right field. Assuming Ike Davis is healthy next season, he’ll play first base. However, the Mets do not have a right field option.

Terry Collins has hinted, but won’t pull the trigger on Duda playing right field for the rest of the season. Why? I don’t know.

With the competitive part of the year over, this is when the Mets should be looking for some answers, and one of them is where Duda should play.

I’d also like to see Jason Bay in the second spot of the order, as Collins also suggested earlier this year, but never tried.


4 thoughts on “August 22 lineup at Philly

  1. well tejada stepped up and shined last night. but we got whooped. and TopCat kept Gee in, which is a good lesson. shades of Ronnie when he had a bad outing.

  2. So what is happening with Gee? He had a hot start and is losing. Is it the workload? He hit the rookie wall? Have hitters caught on to him?

  3. Steve C (1): I like that Collins is giving Gee some rope to work with. It is the best way for him to learn and develop. It could cost the Mets a game or two now, but it will pay off later.-JD