Slipping away

We knew they weren’t going to win this season, but for awhile there they were fun to watch. They were aggressive, hustled and more importantly, competitive and made us think of what could have happened had they been intact all season.

The Mets missed David Wright for two months, are without Ike Davis for the rest of the season, haven’t had Johan Santana all year, watched Mike Pelfrey regress, had Jose Reyes on the disabled list twice, and haven’t gotten a thing from Jason Bay. All this under the specter of a possible fire sale, which saw only Carlos Beltran and Francisco Rodrigue depart.

Even so, the Mets have hung around the .500 mark, but lately they’ve started to play like we thought they might. The Mets have lost 12 of their last 16 games after last night in San Diego. And, it won’t get any easier with Milwaukee, Philadelphia and Atlanta coming up to close out the month.

Remember when Fred Wilpon said he wanted the Mets to play meaningful games in September? There are different interpretations of the word “meaningful.”

There’s no pennant race, and won’t be for awhile, but I’d like to see the Mets close with a spark and intensity they’ve had for much of the season.

I’d like there to be some fun down the stretch.





5 thoughts on “Slipping away

  1. After a while it became apparent that meaningful games in September simply meant that we were not mathematically eliminated from the wildcard slots. This team has not tried to be better for some time now and perhaps never really tried.

    Because of the trades we no longer have our best hitter and OF and we have no closer. The loss of KRod also thins out an already weak pen.

    However, we may be watching the emergence of a power OF in Duda. You also forgot to mention Murphy who was having a nice little season at the plate.

    • dave (1): Yes, Murphy was having a good season when he was injured. But, even when the team was playing well for that stretch, it was apparent Beltran and Rodriguez would be moved. How much better would the Mets be now is uncertain, especially with Beltran on th DL. However, the Mets did receive a prospect for Beltran and got out from under Rodriguez’s contract. Those are plusses. I never saw the Mets in contention in September.-JD

  2. John(2)

    I agree both players needed to be traded. However what is good for the team in the future is not always good for the team of the present.

  3. dave (3): Agreed. But, the present didn’t include the postseason this year. They did the best they could considering the circumstances.-JD

  4. The house cleaning was necessary as much as it maybe a bitter pill.
    rebuilding takes time, and TC has shown he can manage anyone 😉
    unlike M&M who allowed Jeffy poo to manage.