Don’t expect Reyes before September

Jose Reyes is starting swinging a bat and taking grounders, but that’s the extent of it. He won’t test is strained left hamstring until the weekend.

REYES: Losing money as he waits.

Even if he is cleared to begin running this weekend, there are several steps to the process: 1) jogging, 2) half speed, 3) three-quarters speed, 4) full speed, 5) changing directions defensively, and 6) running the bases.

The Mets are saying they don’t expect Reyes back when he’s eligible to come off the disabled list, Aug. 23. Considering their history in this, we might not see Reyes before September, and after his return there will be questions about his capacity.

Health has always been a factor with Reyes, and two stints on the disabled list on top of his injury history won’t keep the suitors away, but he’s losing money daily.

There will also likely be a reduction in years offered. Seven years is off the charts. There’s no way the Mets will offer that, and also out of the question is the early reported figure of $120 million.

If Reyes’ return is delayed much past September, you might be seeing the contracts offered in the four, five-year range.

5 thoughts on “Don’t expect Reyes before September

  1. Perhaps he should talk to Ricky’s mom so she can devise a regimen for him. I recently read where she did the same for her son when he had repeated leg injuries.

  2. yes, this is getting old. hammy/oblique/hammy
    and he was holding out for what type of contract?
    This has had to negatively impact is contract negotiations. and selling ability..

  3. Reyes should just take his time in coming back. If teams see he is healthy (which means a good September) he can still get a big contract. Not “Crawford money,” but a big contract. Probably… 5 yr 100m.