Today in Mets’ History: Mays’ finale at Candlestick.

When the consider the event, it was shocking that only 13,000 were in attendance on this day in 1973 at San Francisco.

MAYS: Always popular at Shea.

The Giants beat the Mets, 4-1, in what was Willie Mays’ last appearance as a player in Candlestick Park. Mays went 0-for-4.

Five days later, against Cincinnati’s Don Gullet at Shea Stadium, Mays hit his 660th and final home run of his career.

This was Mays’ last season, and it was a disappointing way to go out, even if he played in the World Series. In 66 games, Mays hit .211 with six homers and 25 RBI.

The Mets traded for Mays in May of 1972 in a public relations coup for the franchise. At the time, the Giants were in financial distress and owner Horace Stoneham couldn’t guarantee a position after retirement.



One thought on “Today in Mets’ History: Mays’ finale at Candlestick.

  1. Bit shocking although I don’t think Mays announced his retirement until the middle of September. But you could see it coming. But a lot of “final appearances back then didn’t have big crowds.

    Ted Williams last game in Boston 1960 10,454
    Roger Maris 61* homer last day 1961 23,154
    Mantle last game Yankee Stadium 1968 5,723
    Mantle didn’t announce retirement until
    spring training
    Dodgets Last game Ebbets Field 1957 6,702
    Giants last game Polo Grounds 1957 11,606
    Aaron announced retirement for 1974 11,801
    Braves reneged of front office job, went to Milwaukee, last game 1976 6,858

    One notable last appearance got a great crowd. Stan Musial at St Louis 1963 27,576
    The ballpark held a little over 30,000 so almost a sellout.