Dillon Gee is this year’s surprise

In forecasting the Mets’ 2012 rotation, there has to be a spot for Dillon Gee, just as this year’s staff held a role for R.A. Dickey as the result of this out-of-nowhere season.

GEE: This year's surprise goes tonight.

Chris Young’s injury was the opportunity Gee needed to build on his designation as an organizational arm to one with a future.

Gee, tonight’s starter at Arizona, has impressed with his guile and ability to challenge hitters. He gives no quarter and so far has been exceptional in spotting his 90 mph. fastball to set up his changeup, which is his best pitch.

“When I look at my stuff on video, I say, `Hey, it’s average,’ ’’ Gee said earlier this season. “But, guys tell me my changeup is a plus-plus pitch.’’

Catcher Josh Thole said Gee’s control carried him in the minors and has stayed with him on this level, but has deserted him recently as he has walked 12 over his last four starts.

Gee, of course, will carry into next season the specter of whether he can duplicate what he’s accomplished. The same questions were asked of Mike Pelfrey this spring.

Gee and Niese have been the Mets’ most effective pitchers. Pelfrey remains an enigma, Dickey can be upgraded and Johan Santana’s remains a question. Chris Capuano has been effective at times and should be brought back.

As they did last year, the Mets will explore the free-agent market for middle-tier arms, such as Jon Garland. There is talent in the minor leagues, but it is at least two years away.


3 thoughts on “Dillon Gee is this year’s surprise

  1. I had noticed the spark of the “new” guy. each year. a pitcher stands out. But lets be fair they don’t usually go crashing down to earth the following year. R.A had his hiccup but straightened out. his problem is he isn’t getting run support. and when he did have a game or 3 won the bullpen screwed him. Thank you K-ROD!
    What I like. TopCat doesn’t sell the players out. he stands behind them, demands professional play and gains respect, because he has not gone back on a single problem.
    No more empty promises from a crap manager.
    if this continues we will be the team next year!

  2. #1

    I agree. Of course a pitcher stands out every year in large measure because of our outstanding rotation every year.

    In addition to Gee it looks like Duda is making some noise.

    I wonder what will happen with BigPelf. Something is missing from him. Something needs to be fixed. He was supposed to be our #1 and he is no where near that.

  3. self confidence is missing. and warthen doesnt seem to help. with all the good things the new staff is doing notice the only coach from the M&M regime isnt producing.