Damn, maybe they are cursed.

I don’t believe in curses, I really don’t. But, with the Mets, they make you wonder.

Daniel Murphy sustained a Grade 2 MCL tear yesterday. He wasn’t even in the starting lineup, but entered late and left soon after when the Braves’ Jose Costanza slid into his left knee at second base. He’s done for the season. No surgery, but four months of recovery time.

MURPHY: Gone for year.

The way Murphy was hitting it appeared he turned the corner and all the Mets had to do was find a place for him. This is twice now where he’s been injured at second base, so that’s not his sweet spot.

At this timetable, Murphy won’t begin rehabbing until January, so we have no idea if he’ll be ready for spring training.

Meanwhile, Reyes, who missed 16 games with a strained left hamstring last month, reinjured the hammy running out a ball in the first inning.

If the same level of injury landed Reyes on the DL last time, it’s probably a decent assumption to think the same now. In any case, he won’t be playing soon.

Yesterday, I suggested Reyes was returning to earth with his injury and subsequent slump. There’s no reason to pull off that now.

Reyes has had hamstring problems at various times during his career, playing in just 54 games in 2004 and being limited to 36 in 2009. Yes, he had that stretch from 2006-08, but in seeking a long term contract they look at the recent injury history.

The injuries to Reyes and Murphy are two of many to the 2011 Mets, who are without Johan Santana – perhaps for the season – and another starter, Chris Young, for the year. David Wright missed two months with a stress fracture to his lower back, and Ike Davis is likely done for the year with an ankle injury which could require surgery.

On the lower levels, Fernando Martinez and Jenrry Mejia have all missed significant playing – and developing – time.

Ironically, as the Mets face losing Reyes to free-agency, this injury could enhance their chances. That is, if they want to take the risk. Should Reyes miss a significant amount of more time, his price could dip to where the Mets could be players.

But, do they want to bring back a guy who can’t stay on the field?


3 thoughts on “Damn, maybe they are cursed.

  1. did a black cat run on the field? or maybe its just the curse of citifield. Shea is yelling… you made the stadium a parking lot? and the replacement is a glorified strip mall. take that…*bam another injury*
    i think we are down to 14 games and no 90 wins.

  2. David Wright has missed significant time the past couple of years, is he injury prone?

    It is not fair to lump last year’s issues Jose had (thyroid and oblique) in with his issues in 2009 (which I blame on management for not DL’ing him right away) and this year (where at least they were smart enought to DL him). You want to use recent, fine, just don’t bring up 2004 and then say ignore 05 – 08.

    Rickey had leg issues during his career. Didn’t stop teams from signing him.

    You cannot bring in issues from 6 yrs ago and ignore 4 seasons of 153 games minimum. It tilts the story. Yet many in the media are doing this. And many of those same people were all over the Mets for not locking him up earlier this year.