Today in Mets’ History: A reason to watch.

The Atlanta Braves are in town and not too long ago that was a big deal. As the Yankees and Red Sox go at it in Fenway Park for first place – it’s a worn story, but it’s real baseball – the Mets are clinging to what is left of their season.

After two disheartening losses to Florida, the Mets are 16.5 games behind first-place Philadelphia – noting for the record – and eight games behind wild-card leader Atlanta. They are also 2.5 games out of last place.

At 55-55, the Mets have exceeded most expectations to the point where the losses to the Marlins were anguishing. There was a moment this week when I actually looked at the scoreboard for the Braves score and did some quick wondering math.

The math is quite simple this weekend: Win or go home. Nothing short of a sweep will do.

For those who can’t dream of the impossible, remember on this date in Mets history they were in last place in the National League East by 11.5 games with a 48-60 record.

The Mets have the same record today as they did last season after 110 games, but even with their financial problems, there isn’t the same train wreck scenario.

Last year at this time we wondered about the job stability of Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel, and there was the lingering stagnating cloud that was Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo.

All that negativity is gone, and with Sandy Alderson there is the hope of a rebuilding process heading in the right direction. And, considering what he was dealt, how can you not be impressed with what Terry Collins has brought to the party?

Carlos Beltran is gone, but we knew all along that would happen. We also knew this would be a season without Johan Santana. We aren’t surprised Jason Bay isn’t hitting. We can’t also be surprised by a fall off from R.A. Dickey and the bullpen lapses.

But, we didn’t expect to be without David Wright for two months and not have Ike Davis, and we thought Mike Pelfrey would take another step.

And, quite honestly, when Beltran was here, few expected him to play as well as he did.

There are still a myriad of questions and issues surrounding this team, not the least of which is its financial structure and what will become of Jose Reyes.

All that and there’s still reason to watch.

For the most part the Mets are playing hard, aggressive and interesting baseball. Not always spotless, but there is a grit about them that is appealing. Last year, mostly because of its leadership and the Perez mess, the Mets were an easy team to dislike.

However, there is a likeable quality about this group. They play with an integrity that for one more weekend at least, there is reason to watch them and wonder what if.


6 thoughts on “Today in Mets’ History: A reason to watch.

  1. There is a report out there that next year the Mets will move Murphy to left and Bay to CF. I like it. Gotta keep murph in the lineup and he will do less damage in the OF than the infield. His first year in LF he did a pretty good job.

  2. The Last few years the team wasnt playing ball. they were collecting a paycheck.
    They are playing again and its great. This is the met ethic i was raised on. play until the last day of the season.

  3. ray (1): Glad to see you back. I think they have to take another shot about Murphy in the outfield because of his bat. If he can ht the ball, why does he have so many problems catching it or throwing it? Ahh, one of the mysteries of the game.-JD

  4. 4. yep. its also the Met way. never give up. you can always be the spoiler if you cant be the winner 😀

  5. 1/3

    I don’t like that OF config. First of all Pagan is the best OF we have right now. He should be in CF. Bay can’t handle it. Second by doing the above your OF sucks. Bay can’t hit at all. Murphy will be an adventure as an everyday OF and that will probably hurt his bat.

    This team plays well when it plays good D. Decent pitching ( I won’t say good ) and a solid D with plenty of hustle will win you your share of games. It won’t get us to the post season, but at least they will be watchable.

    It is no fun watching this team throw to the wrong base or just toss it in the stands.