Tonight’s lineup vs. Marlins.

Maybe Terry Collins is giving Daniel Murphy a day to think over his defense, but he’s not in the lineup for tonight’s game against Florida.

Murphy’s brain freeze set up Mike Stanton’s game-winning grand slam. It also served notice Murphy remains a defensive liability and a man without a position.

GM Sandy Alderson said Murphy will not play winter ball to work on a position in hope of him mastering things during spring training.

Well, good luck with that.

Here’s tonight’s lineup:

Jose Reyes, SS

Justin Turner, 2B

David Wright, 3B

Scott Hairston, RF

Jason Bay, LF

Angel Pagan, CF

Lucas Duda, 1B

Mike Nickeas, C

Chris Capuano, LP


2 thoughts on “Tonight’s lineup vs. Marlins.

  1. Sounds like Murphy needs to hook on with a college team and work out at second over the winter.

  2. what a heart breaker. damn. well once again center field, death valley has keith calls it. No one seems to get too many out there without them being caught.
    we can only lose 17 more games then we wont make TCs 90 games *sigh*
    I have to say.. he did turn the team around. next year will only be better