Today in Mets’ History: Cycling with McReynolds.

For some reason, perhaps because he was quiet and never appeared to break a sweat. Perhaps it was his unemotional demeanor, but Mets fans never warmed up to Kevin McReynolds.

McREYNOLDS: Quiet talent.

However, on this date in 1989, McReynolds hit for the cycle and drove in six runs in an 11-0 rout of St. Louis.

McReynolds’ best season with the Mets was in 1988 when he hit .288 with career highs in RBI (99), stolen bases (21 without being caught), and hit 27 homers.

Originally signed by San Diego, McReynolds was traded to the Mets in a deal that sent Kevin Mitchell to the Padres. The Mets traded McReynolds to Kansas City in 1991 in a multi-year deal that brought Bret Saberhagen to the Mets. In 1994, the Royals traded McReynolds back to the Mets for Vince Coleman.

So, you can see McReynolds was a magnet for players carrying “questionable’’ baggage.




2 thoughts on “Today in Mets’ History: Cycling with McReynolds.

  1. You make an interesting point. NYers like fire. We had some joker named Koch who many liked at least for a time. Many do not like Heir Bloomberg. Same with Beltran. It seems many fans never warmed up to him.

    I think NYers like a guy with some fire. We liked Nails a lot as well as Keith. We seem to have problems with players who are quiet and do their jobs. It just seems they are not trying hard enough.

    • dave (1): There was something about McReynolds, who never captured the imagination of Mets’ fans. McReynolds was a sound player, but lacked the flash of Strawberry, the fire of Hernandez, the grit of Dykstra and the charisma of Carter. He was valuable, but didn’t register on the scale. Too bad.-JD