Analyzing where the Mets stand today.

If the Mets were truly in a fire sale mode there was more they could have done prior to the 4:00 p.m., trade deadline. As a competitive team that to many overachieved through July, the Mets had plenty of chips they could have played to bolster their depth.

Chris Capuano and Jason Isringhausen both could help a contender, but are the types of players the Mets would need to plug in next season Capuano has been effective and warrants a chance to pitch for a spot in the rotation next spring.

Like all teams, the Mets need a closer, and unless Bobby Parnell makes progress the remaining two months – and during spring training – who is to say Isringhausen won’t get that chance for one more season? His potential to contribute in that forum likely exceeds whom he might have brought it. Isringhausen becomes even more important to the Mets when one watches Parnell struggle as he did this afternoon in Washington.

The one Met I thought might go was outfielder Scott Hairston, who homered twice this afternoon at Washington. He would have been perfect as a spot starter or pinch hitter, which is why Atlanta made a late run at him. But, with Beltran gone and questions persist surrounding the Mets’ outfield, there’s nothing wrong with having him around another year.

There’s something different about the make-up of this Mets’ team that was missing in previous seasons when the playoffs were not an option with two months remained in the summer. Then, there was nothing to play for. Now, they are playing to build a foundation.

Manager Terry Collins has impressed to his team these Mets are being seriously evaluated for 2012. When he said the Mets are trying to win as many games as possible, while the wild-card remains a long shot creating a winning chemistry is not out of the realm of possibility.

With today’s loss, the Mets are 7.5 games behind Atlanta for the wild-card with three teams they must leapfrog.

The Mets probably had a better chance to make a late wild-card run had they kept Francisco Rodriguez and Carlos Beltran, but with October a distance away, they made the right trade decisions to prepare themselves for the future in that they freed salary and acquired a power arm to develop.

In the interim, this team has played shorthanded, but with a grit and intensity is worth building around. Hopefully, their offensive deficiencies created by losing Beltran could be offset with David Wright’s return from the disabled list. Then again, we’re always waiting for Jason Bay to hit.

So far, Isringhausen and others have offset losing Rodriguez in the bullpen.

When teams talk fire sales usually there are more bodies leaving than just Rodriguez and Beltran.  What remains intact is something for the Mets to build on, as what we have now is not the sign of desperation we envisioned coming out of spring training.


12 thoughts on “Analyzing where the Mets stand today.

  1. I hope Wheeler helps us down the road. I believe we have more depth with our former closer on the team, but do not believe we lose that much by not having him. He is healthier than our current closer (Izzy), but he was always an issue late in the game.

    Parnell looks to be a waste. I think he has stuff, but the majors are full of players who have talent but cannot put it together.

  2. The difference between this year’s mets and last years. The managers. TC is in charge and losing because of lack of trying is NOT an option. Everyone has been all out gangbusters out of the box. every pitch and every hit. means something. unlike that last 6 years.
    Finally, I dont mind watching the mets again because if they lose at least they came to play.

  3. Steve(4)

    Have you noticed we have not hired a bunch of new expensive tired players that HAVE to play? Yes we got some marginal players some of who have played important roles this year. However most of the impact has come from our minors.Duda, Pridie, Gee, Turner, Tejada, etc.

    Just like last year many if not most of the impact from replacement players has come from the minors. Why is that?

  4. Connor (1/2): Thanks for stopping by and your kind words. I would welcome more of your comments at any time. If you’d like to link blogs, that would be fine. Best, JD

  5. dave (3): I am thinking three years out on Wheeler. The Mets did as well as they could have expected with the Beltran trade. … As far as Parnell goes, I’m not ready to give up on him yet. I think he needs a year in the minors strictly as the closer or a year in the majors solely as the eighth inning guy. Let him take his lumps. That’s the only way he’ll learn.-JD

  6. Steve C (4): The biggest difference just might be Collins and the attitude he has instilled. There’s something different about this team. The poison attitude that was Perez and Castillo are gone, as is the ho-hum demeanor of Jerry Manuel. The Mets are better today, unquestionably.-JD

  7. John

    The attitude does seem to be different and it seems as if this is something Sandy wanted when he chose Terry. Having Ollie and Luis on the team was poison. These were well paid veterans who did not perform. In the case of Luis when he screwed up the coach excused his transgressions. When Ollie screwed up we did not have the guts to banish him.

    So we end up with players who play regardless of performance and the other players who bust their butts look at this. What are they to think?

    As for Parnell. I hope you are right. He was not treated properly by his former coach and perhaps that delayed his development but so far he has not performed to his talent.

  8. JD 3: Yes, a link exchange would be great. My site crashed yesterday and I lost everything I’ve ever done on my website, but if and when I get it all back, I will link to this blog.

    …In the K-Rod trade, I wished the Mets would have gotten one good prospect instead of two mediocre players. A few top tier prospects is better than a bunch of mediocre ones right? I don’t know about you, but I think they could’ve done at least a little better…

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    Good luck.