REPORT: Beltran to Giants.

Although the Mets haven’t confirmed it, several media outlets are reporting the team agreed to a deal with San Francisco for outfielder Carlos Beltran in exchange for top pitching prospect Zach Wheeler.

In addition, the Mets will pay $4 million of the roughly $6.5 million remaining on Beltran’s contract.

Calls to the Mets and Beltran’s agent, Scott Boras, have not been returned.

Beltran has been held out of the lineup for tonight’s game at Cincinnati, and manager Terry Collins expects the deal to be finalized by tomorrow. Beltran has 24 hours to approve the trade. Beltran has not reported to the Mets’ clubhouse in Cincinnati.

With Beltran in the final season of a seven-year, $119 million contract – and with his contract not allowing arbitration and subsequently compensatory draft picks – it was a formality coming out of spring training Beltran would be dealt.

Five teams – the Giants, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Boston and Texas – emerged as the favorites, but Boras said the determining factor was which team has the best chance to win.

It had been speculated with catcher Brian McCann’s injury last night Atlanta might sweeten its offer, but the Braves held firm on not wanting to part with their pitching prospects.

Likewise, Alderson held his ground on demanding a top pitching prospect, which defines Wheeler, 21, who throws a fastball in the mid-90s with a fall-off-the-table curveball and a change-up with movement.

Some scouting reports have Wheeler three years away – he’s currently in Single A – but that’s to be expected for such a young prospect.

In the end, Alderson made the best possible deal considering his limitations. Beltran was going to walk at the end of the year and the Mets would not get any compensation.


9 thoughts on “REPORT: Beltran to Giants.

  1. I guess in this market where everyone thinks all their minor leaguers are future Roy Halladays and Albert Pujols that the 55th best prospect with control problems is a good deal. Not to mention that the Mets couldn’t offer him arbitration to get some draft picks. Was that sweetener really necessary, Omar? But then in 2004 no one could expect the Mets to be broke.

    Good luck in San Fran, Carlos. One more reason to watch Giants broadcasts besides the occasional reports by Amy Gutierrez.

    • Dan (3): Omar handcuffed the Mets again. The curse that just keeps giving. If he had to go anywhere, I’m glad it was San Francisco. The other teams just would have made the Mets look even worse.-JD

  2. 2.) yeah I am not thrilled we didn’t get more for him. the trend i noticed, Mets pay top dollar for a player. either money or trading players. when we go after someone, short end of the stick. or so it appears.

    • Steve C (2): Too soon to tell on if the Mets got the short end of the stick. Most of the other teams were holding onto their top prospects. It’s just that the Giants are so rich in starting pitching that the Mets were able to pull this off. The Mets traded a proven commodity for a player with an upside. However, the thing to remember is Beltran would have walked at the end of the year and the Mets would have received nothing. Honestly, Wheeler might have been more than they could have hoped for-JD

  3. It is disappointing that we could not get more. A few years ago other teams got nice packages for a rental.

    Either way, this seems done. At least we got someone who sounds like a decent prospect.

    After all our top prospect may never be thanks in part to the two yahoos from last year.

    • dave (1): It is simply what the market will bear. More would have been nice, but if Wheeler pans out the Mets would have done very well. We’ll know if a few more years. I thought Sandy Alderson did as good a job as could be expected considering he wasn’t dealing with position of strength.-JD

  4. John

    If the trade pans out and he becomes a useful pitcher we could have

    harvey, mejia, gee, niese, wheeler, familia
    in our rotation.