Five teams in mix for Beltran.

Carlos Beltran prefers a trade to a National League team because he’s not cool on the idea of being a designated hitter, but reportedly he’s willing to accept a deal to the Texas Rangers and Boston Red Sox. Philadelphia, Atlanta and San Francisco are also in the mix.

The favorite to land Beltran depends on who you listen to and when. Since the Mets are talking with the Phillies and Braves, there are apparently no reservations in dealing within the NL East. Their thinking is since they won’t win this season, it doesn’t matter if the Phillies or Braves win if the Mets can gain a cornerstone player for several years in exchange for a two-month rental.

One thought on “Five teams in mix for Beltran.

  1. I was reading that JP Morgan Chase is holding up the Einhorn deal because they are owed a $500 million load by the Wilpon’s. Not surprisingly they want to restructure.

    So it may take a while for the Mets to get the money while they are leaking cash.