2 thoughts on “New poll: Has the white flag been raised?

  1. I voted yes. The season was over before it started. With the $1billion dollar lawsuit, the emotional meltdown by the owner ripping his own players, the statement that the payroll next year will be less than this, etc there really was no hope.

    The fill ins have played well, just like last year. This year has been marked by a calmness where the lameduck coach was not destroying players in the futile hope that he be retained. The GM stated his plan early on and actually did what he said he would.

    Some offseason moves worked and some did not. One more years makes it one more year for the kids in the minors to get better.

    Hopefully Ike comes back healthy next year as well as Jenrry.

  2. Voted yes
    They played better than expected TopCat managed great so far
    But we new this was a build stage