Today in Mets’ History: A tip of the hat to Beltran.

Thanks to Ray Sadecki for noting today might be Carlos Beltran’s last home game as a member of the Mets. Will they trade him before the trade deadline or extend this out until August? All indications are the Mets will move before July 31.

Ray asked for some reflections on the Beltran Era, and what sticks out most for me is him playing with a broken face after his outfield collision with Mike Cameron. Most outfielders would have packed it in, but Beltran kept on playing while others weren’t. Beltran played hurt, and he played hurt often. He is a gamer.

In 2006, he carried the Mets like the All-Star he was. I’ll never begrudge him for Adam Wainwright because it was a nasty pitch and who wouldn’t get caught on that?

From 2006-08, Beltran hit at least 27 homers with 112 RBI, but injuries sapped his production those two seasons. I’ll remember how the Mets rushed him back for a few more at-bats rather than undergo surgery immediately. It got to the point where Beltran had surgery on his own, causing him to be late for the 2010 season. That was on Omar Minaya.

I’ll always regard Beltran as a player capable of carrying a team on his back for a week or two, but not to the point where he’d shape a game like Mark McGwire or Barry Bonds. Then again, I’ll always remember Beltran as a clean player, one who was good to the game.

It’s a shame the Mets’ financial problems forced this position. If this had been handled better during the surgery issue and the Mets’ not caught with their pants down in the Ponzi scandal, then perhaps we’d be talking about an extension for him.

Beltran had a good career here when healthy. His career is over with the Mets, but there will an extension for him somewhere.





12 thoughts on “Today in Mets’ History: A tip of the hat to Beltran.

  1. In the beginning when he first signed on, he was very bitter. which in turn made me bitter. Then his professionalism shown through.. and he has never disappointed me since.
    He truly is a professional player.

  2. Beltran did not adjust well to NY. He took a lot of criticism for the contract he signed which was alluded to by the owner recently in a series of bitter snipes at his team.

    I think at the plate Beltran is a very good complementary player. He can do well in several spots in the order. I do not think he can carry a team on his back. I think the pressure gets to him. He also seems to have had problems with the breaking ball.

    However he was a very good player and one of the best CF in the game. As you mention he played hurt and did not complain. I respect him for that.

    As for the team’s issues and resigning him. I would not be averse to extending him. My issue is with his agent. He does not have the leverage he once had as the single hottest free agent in the game.

  3. Did I speak too soon about Angel the other day? I read he throws to a base with no one covering. He is not a rookie anymore. This kind of thing should be in the distant past.

  4. dave (2): Beltran’s agent is Boras, which means he’ll hold out for the last dollar. At least, that is his rep.I think Beltran can carry a team for a short time when he gets hot, but not for month or so.-JD

  5. Dave you are an idiot. how can you blast pagaan after he hits a walk off homer the night before. It does not put your baseball acumen in a very good place. Oh he just won us a ballgame but the threw to to wrong base. whats your agaenda? or are you just a dumbass? I would bet on the latter boy.

  6. Beltran is gone. I dont like it because I think this team still has a chance. Now 71//2 back in the wc chase. Beltran has showed me a lot this year. a great player who bucked the idiods minays regime and got the surgury he needed and now is as all star a mentor and a key part of this lineup. Omar did a great job to sign this guy. gotta give props there but now the contract is an issue and we cant keep him because of the no arb issue. I wish carlos the best as long as he is not with a rival. I hope Sandy can get us a good prospect back. btw. i read carlos got a standing O from the mets faithfull on his last ob today. good for the knowledgeable and great metsfans out there today.

  7. ray

    you blithering idiot.

    have i ever called you names? you are truly a twit. i did not blast him for hitting a hr.

    you are a putz.

  8. dave, you are the putz, the idiot and the strunze. your post is so stupid I didnt even need to comment on it because it was moronic enough on its own. If I even put up such a stupid post i would have been getting a blast from you and deserving it. have a nice day. Ray

  9. good comeback dave. you are no fun to fight with. (sigh) at least When chiti and tiff were here I had some decent opponents. OK pagan is a stiff and I am a moron. boring.