It doesn’t matter if Beltran ends up with Phillies or Braves.

The more I think of it, the less I have a problem with the Mets dealing Carlos Beltran to Philadelphia or Atlanta. Beltran is going anyway and won’t be back next year. The Mets aren’t going anywhere this year, either, so if they can get a key prospect for a player they’ll lose anyway without compensation, then go for it?

As for as Beltran signing long term with the Phillies or Braves, he’s a free agent this winter anyway and will sign with who he wants. If it’s the Phillies or Braves, or the Yankees for that matter, so be it. The only way the Mets can alleviate that scenario is for them to re-sign Beltran now to an extension, and that’s not ¬†happening.

So, it is good bye to Beltran and good luck to him.

25 thoughts on “It doesn’t matter if Beltran ends up with Phillies or Braves.

  1. He will augment any team as long as he stays healthy.
    I wish him well until he faced the mets as an opposing player ;-$

  2. John, realistically, what kind of players do you see the Mets getting in return for Beltran?

  3. It’s easy to feel that way now in the abstract, but just wait until he comes to the plate at the top of the 9th wearing a Phillies uniform and the game on the line. Or wait until he gets his WS ring with the Phillies. That’s gonna sting.

  4. True, but if dealt to the Phillies and he helps them in the WS that would be the ultimate slap to an already angry fan base. I can only speak for myself. I wouldn’t like to see ATL win the WS, but I’d rather them than Philly.

    If at the end of the season he signs with Philly and helps them win the WS it would be a slight sting, but not as much as trading him there to help them.

  5. I wouldnt want him traded in division. but if we get something that helps its better than nothing.

  6. Jay (2): They won’t get a blue chipper, that’s a given. But, if they let him walk and he signs elsewhere they’ll get nothing. I believe he’s gone, so they should get what they can.-JD

  7. Xavier22 (3): Sure, it would sting. But, he’s gone and the sooner we accept that the better. The only way they can avoid being stung is to sign him and that won’t happen.-JD

  8. Dave I4/5): Ideally, trade him to Boston. But, the Red Sox are balking at what the Mets are asking. It’s all about salvaging something now.-JD

  9. John

    The Dave in 4 is not the same dave(me – the original ) in 5.

    I don’t want to take credit for his posts.

  10. No problem trading him in division. Mets should stand decent shot at re-signing him in offseason anyway given how well he’s bonded with Collins and the departure of the rough around the edges Minaya for the pro’s pro Alderson. Given the Mets outfield candidates for next season, seems like a match, or re-match, to me.

  11. I have a problem sending him to the Fillies, Braves or Yankees if we don’t get a blue chip prospect. If all we can get is a Jeff Kippinger futility infielder or a middle inning relief pitcher when we are behind, then let him walk.That would be different if it’s some other team like Texas or Pittsburgh, I have little animosity towards them. It’s the emotional side of me speaking, but role players are a dime a dozen

  12. It’s the OTHER team’s fans who should feel anxious about trading a prospect to the METS. Weren’t we Mets fans the ones who didn’t like it when Nolan Ryan and Melvin Mora had long productive careers long after the aging veterans the Mets acquired for them were gone?

  13. only way i trade him within the division is if we get a very good prospect. make them overpay. regardless if he is leaving, you giving the other team an advantage to sign him in to hurt us yrs to come. another option for the trading team is negotiating an extension. we pay his salary this yr and phils extent him two more yrs. better not do it unless we get a really good prospect back

  14. I am sick and tired of all this “trade talk”. It seems that the press just keep saying trade Reyes, trade Wright, trade Beltran, but, what’s the point? The Wilpons look at this as a buisness and without Wright, Beltran and Reyes, why would fans plunk down money to go the CitiField? The METS need to have “stars” to attract fans and generate revenue. In the end it does not really come down to wins it comes down to money. If Beltran goes he goes, but, I don’t want to see him go within the NL east. METS fans are on the fence now, IF, beltran wins a ring with the Phillies or Braves, that could be final straw for some fans, just saying. I am also, not, giving up on th eteam this season. They can go on a streak and win 6 or 7 in a row and get right back in things. LETS GO METS!!!

  15. Jim(14)

    I disagree. It is not about stars. Yes. Publicity helps.

    But if the team has energy and they are winning, I could care less that there are stars or not. If they truly are a good team stars will be made.

  16. cmon domonic brown DO IT ! I love Beltran but this kid would be solid for 6 yrs or more do it

  17. Craig (10): That’s thinking outside the box to trade him and then re-sign this winter. The problem is Beltran’s agent, Scott Boras. He’s not thrilled with how the surgery was handled, and he’ll be seeking at least three years, something the Mets won’t give him. Thanks for your comment and I hope you’ll return.-JD

  18. Dan (11): Beltran will warrant more than simply a role player. If the Mets can obtain a prospect, then go for it. Even if the Mets hold onto Beltran, they won’t make the playoffs and they’ll get nothing when he signs elsewhere.-JD

  19. ed (13): If the Mets offer negotiating window to a team, their asking price should be higher, and they’ll likely get it. Remember, if the Mets keep Beltran for the remainder of this season, unless they re-sign him – and that’s a long shot at best – there is nothing to prevent the Phillies or Braves or Yankees from signing him. Clearly, the Mets are in a position where they need to get whatever they can.-JD

  20. Jim (14): I admire your loyalty to your team. Unfortunately, the Mets don’t share it in return. Yes, this is a business, and for the Wilpons they are losing money and their actions dictate to salvage and save where ever they can. Also, unfortunately for the Mets, on a broad scale their stars aren’t producing as they expected. Reyes and Beltran are playing well, but the argument can be made they are playing big in their walk years. David Wright and Jason Bay have not played as hoped, Johan Santana is injured, and Mike Pelfrey has taken a step back. Thanks for your input and I hope to hear from you again.-JD

  21. dave (15): For the most part, the Mets played with energy in the first half, but were only a .500 team. They do have a talent shortage, especially with their pitching. Beltran and Reyes have tried, but they can’t carry the entire load.-JD

  22. john(21)

    I agree. They are playing hard and mostly together. They do have a talent shortage, but many of the players who did well for us this year and last are not the stars. Ike last year and Gee this year among others.