Today in Mets’ History: Straw torches Braves; Reyes supposedly off the market.

Darryl Strawberry had a lot of monster games with the Mets, including on this date in 1985 when he homered twice – including a slam – to drive in a career-high seven runs in a 16-4 rout of the Atlanta Braves.

Strawberry compiled some impressive numbers during his career against the Braves, batting .264, but with 28 homers and 79 RBI.


The Mets never would have considered dealing Strawberry in his prime, but are faced with the prospect of trading another franchise player in Jose Reyes. Several media outlets, including ESPN today, said Reyes won’t be traded, but the team is hot to trade Carlos Beltran.

However, regardless of what ESPN says, don’t buy it hook-line-and-sinker until the deadlines passes and Reyes is signed to an extension. ESPN is notorious for throwing stuff against the wall to see if it sticks,

Boston’s ESPN outlet said the Mets are enamored with outfielders Josh Reddick and Ryan Kalish, SS Jose Iglesias, pitchers Anthony Ranaudo and Felix Doubront, and third baseman Will Middlebrooks.

If the Mets could get two of those players for Beltran, they’ll be lucky. It would take more than that for Reyes.



5 thoughts on “Today in Mets’ History: Straw torches Braves; Reyes supposedly off the market.

  1. They should be looking for a competent med staff and a pitching coach
    That candle handle green pitchers because honestly though the pitching has gotten better I cannot attribute it to warthen
    But that’s just me

  2. the reports i am seeing today say this will probably be the last day for beltran as a met. His year has brought me around. He is a fine player and maybe the best the mets have ever had who was not a pitcher. anybody want to chime in?

  3. Ray(3)

    Wow. That is a strong statement. I think Beltran is a fine player. He was one of the best defensive OF in the game and a good hitter. I do not think he was a clutch hitter and did not adjust well to NY.

    I would put Keith Hernandez above him. I will think of others who I might like better as well.